Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Friday + Sleep Training

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Hi! I love the weekends! I'm a SAHM but I love the weekends because the husband is home (for me to kiss and squeeze on) and my Mom and sister are off of work (so we can go do something fun). This week has seemed really long to me. Tuesday night we had family dinner at my sister's house and that was great! Anytime I get to cook with her is a good day. We made my favorite pancake recipe and everyone loved it. Obviously. Wednesday I had my yearly physical at the doctor. She was pleased with all my labs and the fact that I'd lost 14 lbs since January. Honestly I'd wanted it to be 20 lbs...but alas it was 14 and I'm going to be happy with that. I've been feeling a little off track with the weight loss stuff. I gained 1 lb last week and have stayed off the scale since. Now believe me, I haven't been downing Big Mac's this week, not even CLOSE. I've been eating healthy food for every meal, and working out too (took yesterday off though). I just don't feel it. It's hard to describe. I've been eating healthy and working out and I STILL don't feel "in the zone". So who knows what kind of funk I'm in but I DO know that I'm going to continue eating well and exercising no matter what the scale says because when I don't do those two things I turn into a bear. A grumpy, sourpuss, angerball bear.

In other news, we've decided to sleep train Rylie.
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Just the thought of this makes my heart race...not in a good way. Yes yes, we should have done this sooner but we didn't. She's always been a good in if and when I get her to sleep, she will normally sleep 11-12 hours straight. I started out rocking her at 2 months because it worked (hello? You're in survival mode at that point). Our normal routine is bath, bottle, bed. Here's the problem. At 15 months she doesn't NEED a bottle but it's part of her routine and she's crazy about it. She only get's a bottle for a nap or bedtime but this has to stop. Plus the rocking. I don't mind rocking her, my Mom rocked my sis and I until we were 5 years old, but I also remember having a hard time getting to sleep at a young age and to this day I still have sleep anxiety (thank God for sleep meds). I don't want Rylie to have to take them to sleep like I do. The method of choice is The Sleepeasy Solution . I'm hoping and praying that she'll respond to this method and that in a week or two we'll have an easy bedtime routine. Bath, book, rock and sing (a minute or two) and bed. This would cut out about an hour a day I spend rocking her with a bottle for nap and bed. I am dreading this like a root canal...but I needs to be done for her and for us. And please remind me with the next kid why this is so important. I finally understand my Mom saying to me plenty of times "this is for your own good". Parenting is hard! Thank God I have such a great husband to support me. Have a great weekend folks! Pray for us please?

P.S. Look at this girl in her glasses! She's so deliciously cute!
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  1. April Rylie is seriously so insanely cute! I love her smiles. They always brighten my day :)

  2. praying for ya'll with the sleep training...and please remind ME how important sleep training is when it's my turn!