Monday, October 29, 2012


Happy Monday ya'll.  I can't believe the weekend is over already.  I was thinking this morning that we should change the name of weekends to "whirlwinds" because that's what they feel like.  I wait all week for Friday evening, I blink and it's Monday.  I had a seriously fun and busy weekend...I all happened so fast.

Rowan and Dad, Rylie and her teacher Ms. Giles, Rylie walking the halls of her school and Rylie and Mimi on the train.

Friday evening we went to the Fall Festival at Rylie's school.  Since the program Rylie is in is at her future elementary school, it was a for real Fall Festival at a school put on by the PTA, which we are members of =)  It was festive, fun and busy!  We ate cafeteria concession food, let Rylie jump in the bounce house (her first time) and we got to spend time with her teacher.  The activities and games were mostly for bigger kids (bigger than 3) or the lines were too long but we had a fun time chatting with her teacher and letting the kids play on the school playground.

Contemplating the slide.

Saturday morning we relaxed and cleaned as usual and then geared up to drive to Montgomery to see our cousins at a birthday celebration for my cousin Leanna's little boy Elijah.  We had so much fun and the kids were in heaven because we were outside the whole time.  It was MUCH colder than expected but we had a blast.  I love love love my cousins.

Rylie on the hayride, Chloe and Rowan playing with hay, Auntie, Mimi and Rylie on the hayride.

Fun fun fun in the cool fall air!

Sunday I got no pictures but I went to Christmas Made in the South with my Mom and Amy.  We go every year but I had a blast this time because I went kid-free and had fun shopping all the vendors with my Mom and Amy alone.  It was a rare treat and I loved every minute of it!  I also got 2 gifts and an art print for the kids bathroom.  Yay!

Well I have to run because this is another super busy week and it starts now!  I know sometimes my blog seems like a brain dump, but I hope to have the time to do more thought out posts soon.  Hey, the blog name alone tells you I'm optimistic!  Have a great Monday ya'll!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I've Missed This

Kissy kissy.  He ADORES her.

The past few months I've opened up the blogger dashboard a dozen times, written half a post, saved the draft and let it sit for another few weeks until it's irrelevant and started over.  Why stop doing something you truly love? No big reasons, only little silly ones.  Blogging on the ipad is not ideal, my free time is so limited that when I have the time I'm too brain dead to make coherent sentences and also sometimes you just get in a funk.  Have any of these things changed? No, but I'm ready to build a bridge, get over it and use the bridge to help me do something that I really enjoy, despite the challenges.  With that said, I'm moving on.

Happy and free and dancing in the cool fall breeze.

Things here are busy.  Rylie goes to school 2 days a week (only a little over 3hrs each day) and still cries for 50% of the time she's there.  She has good days where she participates and engages with activities and bad days where she's angry or sad or just asks for Jason and I the whole time.  I have no idea when this will change or when we'll have more good days than bad days consistently.  Sometimes this utterly depresses me and other days it doesn't phase me.  Rylie has 2 amazing teachers and 3 amazing therapy teachers (occupational, physical and speech therapies), her school is within walking distance of our house and she has SO many people praying for her.  I have to believe that in time it will get better.  Did I think it would take LESS time, totally, but Rylie does things on her own time =)  On a more positive note, Rylie continues to amaze me at her ability to read and spell.  She can read ANYTHING.  We also have wooden letters that she enjoys spelling with.  I even go video of her spelling.  I asked her to spell a random word (I picked Friday because it happened to be Friday) and she totally spelled it.  She has a true love for all things words and books.  She also talks in full sentences (when she wants to) and is becoming more independent, hooray!

Rowan continues to entertain and amaze me everyday.  He is a total ham and repeats everything we say.  He's currently obsessed with pumpkins and any kind of light. Christmas trees are going to be a HUGE battle for him, he'll want to play with the lights. He is super friendly and gregarious and is just the most precious little ray of sunshine.  On a daily basis I feel super lucky to have both of the babies that I have.

Pumpkin patch with Mimi

Rowan and Papa. These two remind me
so much of each other!

October-January is a very busy time for us in the Griffith household.  Just the next 2 weeks alone will include Rylie's Fall Festival at her school (and I'm the Class Mom), a fun fall get together in Montgomery with cousins and Aunts and Uncles, Pumpkin Patch at Rylie's school and trick-or-treating.  It's amazing how slow time went by before I had kids and how I have to struggle to not make time seem like a blur.  I want to enjoy all the moments but sometimes they fly by SO fast.

I hope you all are doing well and I hope to get back to this...this blogger dashboard, blurting out all the things in my head and adding in a few pictures, it feels like ME.