Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thinking about being healthy vs. being skinny (dieting)

When I was 22 I lost alot of weight. Not Biggest Loser style LOTS of weight, but on my 5'3" frame, 60-70 lbs is lots of weight. It came out of a little competition and turned into passion. Deep down there was an unhealthy tone though. I religiously counted calories and agonized over going over my thought limit. I didn't participate in social functions that didn't have acceptable food for me. I sometimes alienated myself from family gatherings because, let's face it, we're in the south...we love unhealthy food. I learned a great deal about nutrition and exercise and looked great. Deep down I was white knuckling it the WHOLE time though.

Thankfully in the midst of this I realized I love to cook! I quit college and became a Personal Chef with my sister. We had a decent client list and I met my husband. My amazing, beautiful inside and out husband. I relaxed a bit. I had more to worry about than counting calories all day. I got moarried and needed a REAL steady paying job so I went back to what I know. Schools. As a para professional in kindergarten there is NO stopping. I had no time to workout, I tried to eat ok but there seemed to be no time. And cupcakes. The amount of cupcakes that come through a kindergarten class should be ILLEGAL! That summer I became pregnant. I lost 9 lbs immediately because in a day, the only thing that sound OK to eat was a cup o' noodles or chicken fries from BK. Gross I know, but I wanted carbs. I was SO sick until week 12 and then I felt amazing. I ate whatever I wanted for once in my life (and really didn't gain much weight). I felt like I had a golden ticket! 2 weeks after Rylie was born I was down to my pre pregnancy weight (but about 15 lbs more than my good healthy weight). Fast forward to Rylie's first birthday. What happend? Since I got married I'd gaind 22 lbs! What? How!?

After seeing a pic of myself on New Years Eve I knew something had to change. I didn't feel like me...I didn't LOOK like me. Back to what I knew. Calorie counting and lots of exercise. The weight started coming off. I really do think it's good to know calories. I like to have a good guesstimate of how much I'm eating because it's just science folks, calories in vs. calories expended. You have to make a deficit to lose weight. As time goes on though, I'm feeling a shift. Health. When I focus on health instead of crunching the numbers constantly, I lose weight (maybe at a slower pace, but I still lose). It's less pressure. If I focus on the fact that I want to put nutritious things in my body vs. I WANT a CUPCAKE because I "can't" have it, I always do better. No pressure. No constant number crunching. Just living. Healthy! It's so much fun!

Think about what's going in your body. Workout because it feels great to move your body! That's what it was intended to do...move! LIVE. I want to be the best example for Rylie that I can. Love your body, love good food and taking care of your body by putting good things in it (and cupcakes too, on occasion). I really feel like I've turned a corner...and I'm loving what I see on the horizon!
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Thanks Rylie...you've helped Mama see the bigger picture. Healthy living > dieting

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  1. Awesome! I also had to just focus on eating healthy. Once you get into a groove of just eating healthy things you notice a difference in the way you FEEL not just the way you look. The same with excersizing! I'm right there with ya girl! Jason tells me you've been losing lots of weight and now need to go clothes shopping!! WOOOHOO!!! :)