Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Hi! It's Earth Day! Today our little family spent a little time planting an herb garden. Nothing major, just our fun way of celebrating Earth Day. We're interested in doing what we can to help make Earth a better place to live and we're always looking for ways that we can do better. Here are a few things we do everyday!

No paper plates, paper towels or napkins! Who needs em'!
IMG_2822.jpg picture by csugirl21

No bottled water! We have a Brita pitcher and the water tastes amazing! I like it better than any bottled water I've ever had!
IMG_2825.jpg picture by csugirl21

Re-usable containers. We're trying to reduce the amount of plastic bags, tin foil and saran wrap we use. We got a great set at IKEA for$4!
IMG_2828.jpg picture by csugirl21

Turn off the lights! Open every window possible. Saves money and energy!
IMG_2831-Copy.jpg picture by csugirl21

Re-usable bags! This is a hard habit to get into but we're remembering more and more!
IMG_2833.jpg picture by csugirl21

Recycle! Unfortunately our city only takes in a limited variety of items but we recycle anything that they'll take!
IMG_2834.jpg picture by csugirl21

Most of these things are easy and small things add up to make a big difference! I'd love for Rylie to love the environment and all of God's creatures, so we're starting early! This is us planting a small herb garden. This kid LOVES to be outside!
IMG_3008.jpg picture by csugirl21

Now for food/fitness! I was a complete grump yesterday because I didn't workout. I was busy, didn't want to make time for it and by 7pm I was just ill. Today I decided to take charge. Planned to get a decent run in while Rylie was asleep. Well, that didn't happen. I was getting angry. Panicking. I decided to calm down and eat would happen, just not how I planned. I got her down at 2 and got on the treadmill. I checked the baby monitor when I reached the 5K mark in my run and I could tell she was awake. I was a little sad that I couldn't push it and do 4 miles, but I did get a workout in. Being a parent is interesting. I get SO mad if my expectations aren't met....I just need to realize it's OK. My reality often looks different from my expectations. It's OK.

Here are some recent eats.

Here I am in workout gear with my Green Monster. Energy in a cup.
6c5de1b0.jpg picture by csugirl21

Best lunch ever. Salad with balsamic and a sweet potato with vegetarian baked beans. Salty/Sweet goodness.
IMG_2819.jpg picture by csugirl21

Perfect spring snack. A huge bowl of melon and apple to share with Rylie
IMG_2658.jpg picture by csugirl21

Tomorrow night we go out to eat with my grandparents. Yay! Other than that, no plans this weekend! Yay! Don't you just love weekends?

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