Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What lights your workout fire?

It's my birthday. Regardless...I need to workout today. I started my birthday waking up at 4:45ish. Creeped through the hallway and the baby woke up. OMG. Baby up at 5. Realized I woke up with the same outrageous headache that I went to bed with. My delicious husband made me a cup of Southern Pecan coffee (a birthday present!) and gave me a card. I am so crazy about him. I had another yummy green monster this morning. I tasted the flax meal a little too much today...maybe I'll add less tomorrow. I did add 4 strawberries though...it was tasty. Put the baby down for a nap at 8:30. Now I need to workout...but wait! Nooooo.

How do you light your fire to workout when you're tired, pressed for time, just being lazy or just plain don't feel like it? I need to find my workout mojo today. Or figure out how to workout while the baby is awake. I wanted to do No More Trouble Zones today...but since that's a 40 minute circuit I may try to do it while she's awake. I doubt it'll flow as fast as I like...but it may be possible. I think the key is to change my expectations. What lights your workout fire?

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