Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shoppin' at the Market and a Reunion

Hi there! Another update from our vacation in Virginia. Saturday morning Jason and I decided to head to the downtown market in Roanoke with Catherine for a little sister (and sister-in-law) time. Before doing so we had another fantastic breakfast as a family. With full bellies we left Rylie here with her Mae Mae and headed downtown. I love love love the market downtown in Roanoke. The farmers or vendors back their trucks right up to the sidewalk and sell their food, jewelry, soaps, and crafts in a beautiful bustling area.

I bought some 4 delicious apples from this farmer for $1.50. Locally grown too!

Catherine and I browsed the jewelry and went in a few shops. I couldn't get over how beautiful all the produce was! Gourds, pumpkins, mums and funky looking squash were everywhere too.

I love all the fall colors!

After looking through the market we browsed an art gallery and then walked down to my favorite coffee place in the world. Mill Mountain Coffee. Catherine and I got vanilla latte's and Jason just got a cup of good ole' Mill Mountain blend. We sat down in the back and talked for almost an hour. It did my soul good just to laugh, drink my latte and catch up with my deliciously fantastic sister-in-law. It was incredibly relaxing.

After coffee Jason and I decided since we were downtown we had to grab lunch at The Roanoke Weiner Stand. This place has been around for ages and it's truly a hole in the wall. There is a small bar of seats around the room and a standing table in the middle of the room (with no chairs). The man that works there (that makes all the chili dogs) has been there for 49 the same spot...slingin' chili dogs out for customers. He is a sight to see! The chili almost tastes like it has a hint of cinnamon in it?

After lunch we had to head home, spend some time with Rylie and then get ready to head out to Jason's 20th High School reunion. I was nervous I'd be overdressed or under dressed or disliked, out of place. None of that happened. We just had a great time. Jason has such a great group of friends from high school. They were so welcoming and had such nice things to say about him. My heart was happy because I could see how happy he was just to be around these guys.

Here we are before heading off to the reunion.

We had a fantastic time but wow did my feet hurt when we left Appomattox around 11:15pm. We're usually fast asleep by then. We then made the journey back to Roanoke and got in bed around 1:20am which is unheard of for us. Thankfully Rylie slept until 8am! Yay...she did her folks a favor and let us get some good rest. Today we took it easy until around lunch time. We headed out to the mall and I realized just how much damage I'd done to my feet last night. My feet NEVER got swollen when I was pregnant with Rylie, well today I feel like I have sausage feet (I'm sure the piece of country ham I had for breakfast didn't help with all the swelling). After hobbling out of the mall we went to Macado's. Jason says that they're a reigonal thing. We certainly don't have them in the deep south. The menu was giant. Any sandwich you can image. I got a Cowpoke, Jason got the Titanic and Rylie got a PB and J. They were all amazing and we came home w/ half of each sandwich and 2 blondie brownies to go.

Sooooo delicious! My Cowpoke sandwich from Macado's.

After Rylie's nap we headed over to Catherine's apartment for a delicious dinner. Homemade spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread and cookies! We had such a great time. Catherine has such a beautiful apartment and has such a gift with decorating and crafting. Now we're home, Rylie is in bed and yes, my feet are up. We're not sure what adventure awaits us tomorrow, but we're excited to be here. Now if we can just get some delicious sleep. Gnight!

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  1. I'm SO glad you're having a great time...but miss y'all SO much...kiss Rylie for Mimi!