Monday, October 25, 2010

5 Things: Random

Morning! It's Monday and I'm sitting here sipping my coffee. Rowan is doing his morning calestenics in my belly and I'm thinking about the week ahead. Here are 5 things that are on my brain lately. Enjoy (or scratch your head at) my randomness.

1. One week from tomorrow my baby has a 2nd surgery on her eyes. I'm scared, nervous, worried, anxious and just ready for it to be over with. This surgery will be 11 months and 1 day after her first surgery. Last time she was 10 1/2 months old, would go to anyone that wanted to hold her and was completely unaware of what was going to happen to her that morning. Now she's almost 2 and it's not the case anymore. She knows something us up in doctor's offices, she's very clingy to her own little family and when she's not happy about something she'll make sure everyone knows. I'm not worried about how the surgery will go. I adore her doctor and have full confidence in the surgical process, I just anticipate many more tears this time (from her and I) and I just want this surgery behind us. Please pray for us!

My baby pre-surgery.
Look at how small and chubby she was! And how much more hair she has now!

Immediately post-surgery with Daddy.

2. On a lighter note. I'm way excited about the Rocky Horror Picture Show episode of Glee this week!! Yes, my husband and I are new found "Gleeks". We just started watching the show a few weeks ago and love it! The musical numbers are SO good and the range of music they perform on there is incredible! We admit it, we love when we decided to try this show we were hooked! This week is the Halloween episode and they're doing Rocky Horror Picture Show music....which is admittedly a weird movie but for some reason as a senior in High School I loved this movie. I love most a teenager I had the soundtracks to Annie, West Side Story, The Phantom of the Opera, and yes Rocky Horror in my car. When I met Jason he told me that he had been to a dozen or so live viewings of Rocky Horror in the theater (you know, the ones where they dress up and add their own dialogue during the movie). Weird and random thing I loved about him. So yes, call me a "gleek" think I'm a little strange, but I am pumped up for tomorrow's Glee episode.

Image source (here)

3. I'm a little worried I won't pass my 1-hour glucose test this week at the OB's office. When I was pregnant with Rylie I failed by something crazy like 5 or 6 points and had to go back for the agonizing 3-hour test. I passed that with flying was just a pain to have to sit there for 3+ hours and have them draw blood from me 4 times. Amy also failed her 1-hour test a few months (by 4 pts) ago and had to take the 3-hr. For her they just pricked her finger 3 times...but still annoying...and she passed just fine. I'm just hoping that I don't have to go through the 3-hour test, and if I do...I hope I pass it! I sure have been enjoying things like Pumpkin Spice lattes, Pumpkin Scones, and possibly some Pumpkin Donuts (SO good from Dunkin Donuts). Yes...I have a sugar AND a pumpkin problem. My test is's hoping I pass!

How can something wrong taste SO right?

4. I have a confession. After doing my crafty makeovers I think I have a problem. I'm obsessed with doing crafty makeovers. I constantly read blogs like The DIY Showoff and have ideas of how to re-do ugly things and make them pretty. Ugly chair at a yard sale for $4? No problem. Spray paint, chic fabric and a staple gun will make it brand new. Outdated brass lamp with ugly pleated shade? Not an issue! With spray paint and a new simple shade that ugly lamp will be super stylish again! Yes. I'm a bit obsessed. I think it's the fact that you can transform things so inexpensively and have such a sense of accomplishment when you're done...did you see my crafty makeovers? I can't wait to do more!
Check out the DIY Project Parade today and join in on the fun!

The DIY Show Off
But keep in mind...below is what Rylie was doing while I was crafting. So this IS a risky obsession =)

Dramatic hair, leopard pants and the use of a whole box of tissues(dramatic much)? Maybe she's auditioning for a spot on the Real Housewives of New Jersey? LOL

5. Despite all the worry I have over my baby going into surgery next week and my glucose test...I feel really blessed to have the husband that I have. I always do, but this morning in particular I'm feeling reminded of how lucky I am. God had such a purpose when he put the 2 of us together. I never ever dreamed that I'd find someone that got my jokes like he does or would take care of me in such great ways. He's amazingly smart, he's such a talented musician, he's SO thoughtful (he's honestly thinking a step ahead of me most of the time), he has my coffee ready for me every morning, opens my car doors and makes sure I get lots of hugs (and I need lots). He makes me want to be a better person....and I couldn't ask for more in a husband. Love you babe!

On that silly note, have a great Monday folks!


  1. This is a great blog, but I may be a bit biased seeing as that I'm the husband you mentioned =D

  2. Poor little Rylie :( I will be praying for you guys!

    I also failed my first glucose test and had to go back for the awful 3 hour one which ended up being 5 hours!!!! I realllllly hope you pass yours this time :)

  3. @ Spousey - There is no better husband for me than you!

    @ Kathlyn - Thanks for the prayers for Rylie and I too hope I pass the 1-hr. The 3 (or in your case 5) hr test is SO boring!