Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crafty Projects!

The past few weeks I've been planning on doing a few easy crafty makeovers. This week I finally found the time to devote to them. Lots of glue and paint on my hands later I achieved 2 makeovers I was really pleased with. The first was the makeover of a wicker toy basket we have in the living room. Since everything else in our living room is black or dark brown as far as furniture goes I thought the basket looked way out of place...but it fits so nicely over in it's little spot so I decided to use some textured spray paint I already had in the basement and give it a little face lift. A few coats of the "hammered black" spray paint and I think the basket looks great! What do you think?

The next project I attempted was a little more time consuming but I think it turned out very cute! At a huge consignment sale a few weeks ago we bought a shelf for Rowan's room. It needed a little work but I loved that it had moon and star cut outs (since Rowan's room is going to be spaceship themed!). After some research I decided on using Mod Podge to cover the sides of the shelf with craft paper that matched Rowan's room color scheme. This was my first experience with Mod Podge (since I was a teenager). Before I started the entire project I spray painted the shelf white, then I roughed up the surface with a little sanding block and wiped the dust away. Then I measured and cut out the paper and gave it a light spritz of water. After that I applied mod podge (the glossy variety) to the surface of the shelf and carefully used an old debit card to smooth out any air bubbles (for about 2 minutes solid). After about 15 minutes I painted a coat of mod podge over the paper and let it dry. Next I added the second panel of paper in the same way and when I was done put about 2 coats of mod podge over and let it dry. Repeat on the other side of the shelf and then used I some leftover paint from Rowan's room and painted the sides and top of the shelf.

Pics of the process. Sand, measure, mod podge, dry (with a fan).
Yes I used the ugliest of Jason's bachelor bedsheets to cover my table with =)

What do you think? I am quite proud of it =)

Close up

Now that my little projects are done I'm ready to enjoy the weekend ahead. Jason is going to continue moving his office stuff out of what will be Rowan's room and we'll slowly start setting up Rowan's Rocket Room! Only 12 weeks and 2 days until his due date and I'm getting anxious to set up shop in there. I hope everyone has a beautiful fall weekend!


  1. Wow girl thats awesome!! looks great! And i love that u found that shelf! the stars and moon are perfect! And way to go with the basket too!

  2. Thanks! I'm really enjoying the finished products. I also have 4 more pieces of the blue striped craft paper...trying to find something else to mod podge =)

  3. Awesome job! I love good before and afters :)

  4. Thanks Kathlyn! I'm loving crafty makeovers lately =)