Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday we celebrated Halloween. True, it was a day early, but the city of Columbus decided that trick-or-treating would be on Saturday night, so we went with the flow.  All we did was visit my Mamaw's house and our friends, The Kelly's house, but we did get some decent candy there!  Our little cowgirl was adorable with her pigtails and she really got into the spirit!  When we got home we had droves of trick-or-treaters and finally had to turn out lights out by 8pm before the next wave wiped us out completely (we didn't want to have to dive into Rylie's stash).  Here are a few pictures of Rylie's 2nd ever Halloween!  Next year should be even more exciting with Rowan here too!  Happy Halloween ya'll  =)

Trick or treating at Mamaw's house!

Look at all that candy!!

Kissed by her favorite Ninja Turtle...Julianne!

Yay! Halloween was a hit!

I hope ya'll all have a safe and Happy Halloween!  Tomorrow we'll be travelling up to Atlanta to spend the night a block from Egelston Children's Hospital (at Emory University) and we'll be reporting to the out-patient surgery department at 7:30am.  Rylie's surgery is at 9:30am and should last an hour or so.  Please lift her up in prayer (and us). I'm just ready for this to be over with and for them to hand me my post-surgery baby back...that's the moment I'm looking forward to.  I'll keep you all updated via Facebook or Twitter. Love.


  1. Thanks! The pigtails aren't easy to keep in...but they're SO darn precious!