Monday, October 4, 2010

5 Things I'm Looking Forward to in Virginia!

This is going to be an insanely busy week around here. Tomorrow I have to cook a huge pot of soup and make a Pumpkin Trifle with my sister (small scale catering job), and then Wednesday while Rylie is at school I'm going to attempt to pack up everything I might need for 10 days. Thursday morning we're headed up to Roanoke for our annual fall trip up to see our friends and family in Roanoke (and Appomattox), Virginia. I'm worried about the drive. That is no secret. I'm trying to prepare by making a huge bag of snacks and food, bringing all of Rylie's favorite books and toys and bringing a Yo Gabba Gabba dvd and her Baby Can Read movies. We've never been on a trip this long but we're SO excited to see everyone and just relax as a family.

The second post in my 5 Things series is 5 things I can't wait to do/see while I'm in Virginia. This list could probably be 20 items long...but I'm breaking it down for the sake of continuity.

1. Family and Friends

When I married Jason I lucked up by gaining a wonderful family and some really amazing friends. I'm so blessed that his family and friends have embraced me as their just stinks that they all live so far away! Each time we make the trip up we have so much fun catching up with them. I can't wait for play dates with our friends that have kids and delicious homemade food that my mother in law makes. To say we're spoiled while we're there is an understatement.

Jason and I with my Sis-in-Law and Momily-in-Law. I can't wait to squeeze them!

Rylie got her first kiss from her friend Blaine on our last trip up =)

2. Food destinations!!

Each time we go up to Virgina Jason takes me on a food journey around town. Last year I probably gained 5 lbs from our food-ventures (as we call them). Here are just a few pictures from the places we went last year. We went even more places and I hope to try some new places this year!

Chili dogs from Moore's Country Store. Lynchburg, VA. HOT, but amazing!

The Texas Tavern, downtown Roanoke, VA (a.k.a. The T Room)

My first T Room Cheesy Western. Epic!

Bubblecake!!! Best cupcakes ever. Ever.

Chili dog from The Roanoke Weiner Stand. LOVE going there downtown!

OK, that's enough food. I could go on and on. The food options up there are endless and we are headed up there ready to visit our old favorites and try some new places too!

3. Fall Foliage and the view from Mill Mountain

I think this will be my 5th trip up to Virginia and I looooove that we always go in October/November because the leaves are usually amazing! This year it's been a little warmer so I'm not sure how the trees will look but I do know that between the time we go up there and come home, the leaves will have gotten even more beautiful. The trip home is full of ooooohhss and ahhhhhhs because I can't believe how much they can change in a few days. A good place to see the leaves (and a great view of Roanoke) is the star on top of Mill Mountain. I check it all the time lately to see if the leaves are starting to change.

Here is the view in was cold that year!

Rylie and I on top of Mill Mountain last year (her first trip up there!).

Here's the big star! Check out the webcam here! We'll wave at the cam when we're up there!

4. Quality time with my two favorite people in the world: Jason and Rylie.

Anytime I get the two of those all to myself I'm a happy girl. Sure we'll be traveling on a long journey and sure we'll be going places and seeing people, but the 3 of us have a great time on these trips. Even the meltdowns from Rylie (when she needs a nap) bring us closer together somehow. Experiencing things like taking Rylie on her first trip to Appomattox, watching Rylie look out at the view from Mill Mountain and getting breakfast on the way home at a truck stop together...I just love it! Griffith family memory we come!!

Look how goofy we are!! Rylie looks like "HELP! My parents are a cheese-fest!!".


Hi. Have we met? I'm crazy about coffee. I have been since college but then I somehow found and married a man that was even MORE interested in coffee than I was. With Rylie I had to steer SO clear of coffee. As much as I tried, it just wasn't appealing, plus the heartburn that ensued wasn't worth drinking it. My favorite coffee place in Roanoke is Mill Mountain Coffee. It has it's very own flavor that is SO delicious and distinct. I'm sure it's also lots of nostalgia for me too. On my very first trip to Virginia, the very first night I was there, Jason and I went to the downtown Mill Mountain location....we took my parents twice when they came up in 2008 and last year we took Rylie on her first visit. Good coffee and great memories.

Rylie trying to get a sip of my Mill Mountain on her first trip =)

Ok we come!!!


  1. Hope ya'll have fun...but i'm going to miss you way too much! Wish I could go with you...but hopefully next year!

  2. I think food is the BEST part of vacations :) I know yall will have so much fun!

  3. Sounds like you've got a fun trip ahead of you! Be safe traveling! Can't wait to hear all about it when you return! xo

  4. So glad y'all are getting to go...know you'll have tons of fun...wish we were going with you again...will miss each of you terribly...have a cup of Mill Mountain coffee for me! :)