Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Daughter...the walking baby!

Congrats to my walking baby !

Rylie is an interesting kid. We adore her and she's extremely intelligent, but she does things on her own time schedule. When she was about 6 month old I threw out my What to Expect the First Year book because I was driving myself insane and I've never consulted it since. She has strabismis and had her first surgery at 11 months old (and will have her next almost 11 months exactly after her first...November 2nd). So that affects her depth perception (i.e. she really doesn't have much depth perception at all). Besides that physical limitation, she's just an individual. She can read about 100 words or so and she loves books more than chocolate. Walking though. This has been a big one for us. It's a number one question people as us when they see us "is she walking yet?". Well I worried about it awhile and then I just gave up and gave it to God. It was a source of too much worry for me. Well she's been getting better and better and finally yesterday a switch flipped in her head. After dinner she took off. Walking circles around the house. Falling occasionally, yes, but she keeps going! I'm so proud. This is huge for her (and us!). Most importantly it's an answer to prayer.

Click here to watch a video of my baby walking all over Books-a-Million


  1. Yay, Rylie! Thank the Lord...and we're trusting Him to protect her through this second surgery...she's our little sunshine! :)

  2. You're in trouble. lol! I know you have probably realized this by now but nothing's safe. You're gonna be running your feet off chasing her cause she's been scouting out things to get her hands on for the past year. lol! Now she's moving and MOVING FAST! Congratulations Rylie!

  3. Thanks Karen! She seems to be doing better everyday. She could get into stuff before she walked just as good as she can get into stuff now, so thankfully I'm used to that. Right now she's just into exploring, walking to different rooms just to see if she can. It's really cute. Hopefully she'll be a pro soon.