Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Five Things: This Week

I'm going to start weekly blog posts entitled 5 things. There will be various topics...just something fun I want to start. This week's theme is...This Week. If you want, comment back to me 5 things about your week (or blog about it and link back to me!).

1. I'm organizing like there's no tomorrow this week.

Kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, drawers, closets, the basement. Anything that I can organize and purge of stuff we don't use...I am getting into it. I went to the Dollar Store and Walmart and bought storage baskets, and hooks and went to town. On Thursday I'll be tackling my drawers (which are FULL of junk I never use) and then Rylie's drawers. This is not me. I like things neat...but the coat closet? Normally I just don't care. My husband thinks this is the best thing that's ever happened and has dubbed me THE Domestic Goddess. Wow. I'll take it.

2. I'm getting out there and breaking out of my shy (homebody) shell.

Today I went to MOP's (Mother's of Preschooler's). My friend Jessi invited me and as nervous as this stuff makes me (I feel as if I'm awkward, plus I feel like I'm torturing Rylie by making her socialize...judging by the amount of wailing she does when I leave her). I had SO much fun though. I got to relax and meet other Mom's like me, we had breakfast, fun conversation and then a great speaker. All this and Rylie did great! This week we're also having coffee withsomeone new and I'm really excited! Yay for branching out and meeting new people!

3. I'm already dreaming about our trip to Virginia next week!

My husband is from many places if you ask him. Born in Kentucky and moved all over the south when he was young (and as an adult). If you ask him where he considers home he'll probably say Virginia. Either Roanoke or Appomattox. For the past 4 years we've been making a fall trip up to Virginia to visit Jason's friends and family in Virginia. I love our fall trips up. Mill Mountain Coffee, the star on top of Mill Mountain, tons of friends that I was blessed to inherit when I met Jason and our wonderful family. We love to walk down to the little co-op and eat lunch or go downtown on the weekends to the open market in the crisp fall air. Last year was Rylie's first trip and it was different, but it went well. This time we're planning on staying 10 days. I'm not sure we'll make the entire 10 days (remember when I said we were homebodies?), but we'd love to. We're even going to Jason's 20 year high school reunion (seems like alot of years but he IS 9 years older than me). I hope it all goes well....the best thing about the whole trip is seeing my dear Mother in Law and Sis in Law. God blessed me greatly with those two =)

This was taken on our trip last year. Look how much Rylie has changed!

This is the year I was pregnant with Rylie.

4. I started an online bible study with my sister and I'm really enjoying it.

It got off to a rough start. I was on the wrong lesson feeling lost and confused. Realized I'd read the wrong verse, was in II Samuel instead of first (no wonder I was confused). Finally I got on track yesterday and I love the format. We're a week behind but it's OK. We're just going to stay a week behind and enjoy it. I've never done a bible study in this format but I'm loving the content, the teacher and I actually enjoy having homework...using my brain (and my heart!).
Here is a link! Feel free to join in a week late like us:

5. I'm going to need help accessorising an outfit. Help please?

I'm going to Jason's 20th high school reunion. This makes me a tad nervous. I've met several people he went to high school with (and really liked them). Well, a few weeks ago he informed me they were a class behind him (whaaa), so I know no one. They're all 9 years old than me AND on top of all that....hi...I'm a little shy until you get to know me. I really really am excited for him to go though and for me to meet all these people he talks about. So the dress code is anything from cocktail dresses to jeans and I'm hoping to fall somewhere in between. I bought, correction, my MOM bought me 2 options and I'm leaning towards one. Here is a picture from the website.

Close up. 3/4 sleeves, black patten belt and grey/black houndstooth.

Another view of the dress

The other dress option was dressier, more flowy and more "blingy". Jason liked this little black option best. I think it's more in the middle of what we'll see there as far as clothes go. My questions are these. What shoes? Target has some cute black patten pumps, yes? Also jewelry. I want to add a little bling and more of a girly feel (my style) to this dress. Also do I wear sheer back hose, tights or none? I'm so confused. And folks I want to look good....with my daily growing belly. Help please and thank you!

Thanks for letting me share my 5 things! What are 5 things about your week? Ok, I'm off to do my bible study session this morning. Jason got up at 5 and even though I wanted to sleep, Rowan was doing the electric slide in there (guess he wanted Daddy and Rowan time). Today is all about preschool and then an OB appointment for me. I hope everyone has a great day =)


  1. I think I'll do a 5 things post this afternoon, good idea! Also- be prepared for me, Matt and Elliot to tag along to Virginia with ya'll next fall. Wish we could have come this year.

  2. Love this post! And if you decide you don't have time to blog the rest of the week you're covered! haha. I love the online bible study idea! We will have to chat more about it because I started to check out her site and am unsure how it works! Did you have to buy a study guide?

    For the dress I think it's totally cute! Personally I don't do hose. and with you're belly might feel uncomfortable! But if it's cold and you want to cover your legs maybe some black leggings? And for shoes black pumps would of course look good, but maybe to jazz it up wear red ones! Would look fab with your hair too. :)

  3. I agree with going without hose and if you want leg cover do leggings, warmer and less annoying overall. I also think colorful shoes are a great way to add something to the outfit. Colorful jewelry is another way to go. Hope the reunion goes well, I never got to any of mine so far they always had them the day after Thanksgiving and until recently we spent every Thanksgiving in California.

  4. Great glad you enjoyed will look beautiful however you decide to accessorize!:)

  5. I love the dress! It will probably be a little cool in VA, so I would suggest tights or if you want to be more comfortable, leggings. Target does have some adorable t-strap pumps that would love fabulous with this dress. Black is an excellent choice, as it is always slimming and classic. Sounds like you all are going to have a fun trip! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  6. Thanks Jess! I think I will look for some t-straps. I have to finalize my outfit THIS week. Ahhh. Plus I have to pack my entire house, baby and dog up to take with me...this should be interesting!