Monday, September 27, 2010

Fun weekend =)

This weekend was full of fun and family...and it was a little exhausting! Saturday they put carpet in our 3 bedrooms so Rylie and I had to evacuate all morning, by the time the carpet was in it was nearly time for Amy's baby shower so we just stayed up at my Mom's house...this meant Rylie went without a nap. Risky, but she did fall asleep in my Mom's lap for about 30 minutes. Here are some pictures from Amy's shower. My Aunt and cousin were the hostesses and they did a great job with the monkey them (from Elliot's room).
Elliot's cake matched his bedding, it's so cute, and tasty!

The beautiful table with all the brown and green monkey decorations.

Pregnant Wonder Twin Powers unite! =)

Just a shot of part of the loot (there was more!).

We had a great time and I think the guests did too. After the shower we went to dinner with friends and family for my Mamaw's 86th birthday dinner. How blessed we are to have her here with us for another year. She is truely a gentile souther woman and has wonderful advice and stories to share with us. We just adore her!

Sunday was spent organizing. This house is all over the place (partly because of the carpet install). We have SO much stuff and this house is not very large to begin with. I think I'm getting the nesting bug (finally, I never got it with Rylie). I cleaned and organized for hours yesterday before going up to my Mom's for lunch. Today I'm going into organizing mode again. Never in my life have I felt a sense of excitement in my belly about organizing...seriously? I have problems, LOL. I might run out and buy some organizing bins for the bathroom, kitchens and closets, OH MY! I'll post before and after pictures if I remember to take some. Ok, all this talk about organizing has got me excited (who am I???). I'm off to get my clean on!


  1. I think Matt's HOPING I get the nesting bug. And I DO want to organize...i just feel a little lost as to where to start! Maybe you can help ME =)

  2. I think it's having boys :) Or knowing how chaotic things can get with one baby so you're preparing for having two! Gotta be ready before he gets here and then you'll have NO time! haha. Can't wait to see pictures!