Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Goodbye Summer

Where did summer go? This summer went by in a flash! When I was a kid summer seemed to go on forever (it probably WAS longer back then), but now that I'm a busy adult and Mama, it seems like it went by like lightning. This summer was a good one. Here are some of my favorite memories from the Summer of 2010.

We started off the summer when my little sis (God-sister) graduated high school! It seems impossible to me that she is 18 years old and in college, but she is. I was there when she was born! I cried on her first day of kindergarten, I went with her to a Backstreet Boy's concert, and marveled at her beauty in her first prom dress....and now she is a grown up. I definitely cried at her graduation. She's so beautiful.
julesgraduates.jpg picture by csugirl21

The first big fun thing we did after my Mom got out of school was book it to The Montgomery Zoo. Rylie's first zoo trip. I didn't think she'd be that into it, but she really enjoyed it! The worst part was the heat and by about an hour and a half into our trip we were all sweaty and exhausted. I'll always remember this little trip though, the way Rylie loved the birds, the crappy zoo train that didn't go by ANY exhibits and how exhausted Rylie was at the end.
zoo.jpg picture by csugirl21

The first weekend in June we went down to Panama City, FL to visit some of Jason's family. It was a quick trip but we got to meet his paternal grandmother (who has alzheimer's) and his Aunt Mary Linda and cousin's Sarah and Megan. We had a blast. His Dad and Gloria also met us down there and we had 2 delicious seafood dinner's while we were there and great company. My heart melted when Rylie sat in his grandmother's lap and his grandmother chuckled at Rylie.
grandma.jpg picture by csugirl21

Throughout the summer we enjoyed visiting Market Days on Broadway. It's an outdoor market downtown where they sell tons of local produce, art, jewelry and baked goods. We go down every few weekends at least and sample the goodies, buy some fresh fruits/veggies or just browse the cool art. Thankfully this will continue for another month or two. Here is Rylie enjoying a ride on the antique horse at Brother's General Store.
marketdaysfun.jpg picture by csugirl21

Another favorite day trip of ours was Rylie's first trip to the Columbus Museum.  In high school Amy and I volunteered in their Children's Department so we have were really excited to take Rylie.  My Mom and my Aunt Pam were there too and we had a blast!  Rylie's favorite part of the trip was the fact that they had tons of art books! Her favorite!
museum.jpg picture by csugirl21

In late June we traveled over to my cousin Karen's house for her daughter Chloe's first birthday! It was a great party, tons of family and a delicious cake.  Rylie wasn't too sure about the crowd but she did like Chloe.  Here she is giving her a birthday kiss  =)
chloesbday1.jpg picture by csugirl21

We kept the 4th of July low key.  Dinner up at my Mom's house with family.  I did manage to get a patriotic shot of Rylie on her second 4th of July.
34573_411642363429_801523429_4334054_897618_n.jpg picture by csugirl21

July must have flown by because I have barely any pictures of July.  Rylie and I enjoyed going places nearly everyday with my Mom and Amy.  We're preparing for Amy's baby Elliot due in November and our baby Rowan due 8 weeks later in January. Finding out we were having a boy was SO exciting and we cannot wait to meet him.  Here he is at 20 weeks!
rowan.jpg picture by csugirl21

 At the end of July we decided we were going to try Rylie out in preschool at our church.  She is never around other kids and had begun having some separation anxiety.  We had a rocky start and for awhile there I was worried they'd just ask her to leave (she was a bit of a cry baby...ok, ALOT of a cry baby).  Thankfully she's doing SO much better.  Each day is better than the last (she only goes 2 days a week) and I'm really enjoying the 8hrs a week I now have to clean, shop or hang out with my sister.  Look at Rylie's first piece of school artwork!

handprints.jpg picture by csugirl21

I have no idea what the Summer of 2011 has in store for us but I know we'll be busy.  I hope we can look back on this summer and have fond memories as our 2nd and last as a family of 3.  Life get's busier and more hectic but one thing is for sure, I'm having the time of my life!  I wouldn't trade my little family and this beautiful life for anything!  Now I'm ready to bring on the fall!  Crisp weather, long sleeves, brilliant fall leaves and holidays!  Goodbye Summer....Hello FALL!


  1. Love this post! And now i'm looking forward to next summer! Oh the fun we'll have keeping 3 little ones busy =)

  2. I am soooo ready for fall! It's quickly becoming my favorite time of year! Love this post, doll. Hope you all have fun in Florida! xoxo

  3. Thanks Jess and Amy! I enjoyed making this post. Bring on the fall weather though...seriously, we need it to NOT be 92 degrees everyday =)