Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to get into the fall spirit in 90+ degree weather!

Well, hopefully my baby is getting over Strep. Poor girl went rapidly downhill yesterday morning and by the time we got to the doctor at 11:30am she was HOT and lethargic. I've never seen her like that. Yesterday was spent on the couch with her. After 3 doses of antibiotics she seems to be feeling much better already. I'm hoping she'll get better and better as hours go on. I hate seeing her sick!

Since today it's in the high 90's and the last day of summer I decided to write about 90+ degree fall weather. It can really get depressing to be gung-ho about fall and walk outside and nearly sweat to death. We all want to wear our cute fall boots or long sleeves and feel the cool, crisp air around us and it's just not happening. Depressing. I've come up with a few ways that I try and get in the fall spirit without burning up!

Not all fall fashions are meant for cold weather. Just by staying with a darker and warmer color palate you'll probably start to feel like you're dressing for fall. Go with short sleeve versions of your favorite fall colors (or sleeveless). I also love those wrap scarves. They're lightweight and can go with short sleeves or sleeveless and they have them in tons of plaids and fall friendly prints (plus it's technically a scarf, fall-ish, right?).Flats are another great fall option instead of boots. They're a bit cooler but they still make me think of fall. Target has 2-3 isles of just flats in any version you may want. Another way to darken your color palate is nail polishes. I talked about this in my Fall Luv post. My nails have been some sort of deep red, dark purple or navy blue for a few weeks now.

Decorate for fall! Think runners, pumpkins, leaves, acorns, door mats, wreaths or dish towels. I went to Target and Big Lots and found several cute thing to put up. Amy and I also decorated some cute pumpkins and put those out. I think if you see fall all around your house, you'll feel like it's fall!
Jason and I have a simple solution for this. Yankee Candle. A few weeks ago we went to a sale they were having and stocked up on tarts, candles and votives in yummy fall scents. You can also find them at Bed Bath and Beyond (and use your $5 off coupon they always send in the mail). I like Iced Pumpkin and Fall Festival. We have them all over the house and when I need want the house to smell like a fall day I light them all up, it's wonderful.
Lately I've just been wanting to taste fall flavors. Cinnamon, ginger, apples, pumpkin spice. I got my Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks iced last week. Same fall flavor but it won't make you sweat by drinking it! I also like to add pumpkin pie spice and apple pie spice to nearly anything. Oatmeal, homemade muffins or cookies or even my homemade iced coffee. Anything to get me in the fall spirit. Just look at that Pumpkin (sweet potato) cupcake we made last week!

On top of all these things, I'm just trying to change my attitude. I get really upset when I look at the weekly forecast and see a week full of 90+ temps, but it's OK. It will be cooler soon. I'll still get to wear my favorite fall clothes and feel the cool crisp air....just not this week. Chin up fall-lovers...our cool/crisp day will come!