Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I need help designing Rowan's room!

Our little boy Rowan will be here in about 18 weeks or less and his room really doesn't exist yet. He's going to get our bedroom (thankfully it's already the perfect color blue) and we're moving into the office (which will cease to exist, poor Jason). Here's the problem. The minute we found out it was a boy we bought this adorable rocket ship bedding set from Target with the intention of buying all the accessories eventually (bed skirt, drapes, changing pad cover, wall hangings). A week after we bought the bedding set they discontinued it. OH NO. So now we have to improvise his room by putting all the accessories together. Here's the bedding set.
The set came with the blanket, fitted sheet and bumper. That's it. The room will be light blue. His bed will be white (he's getting Rylie's bed and she's getting a bed that will convert into a toddler bed when she's ready). So the question is, now what? Here are some items that I'm loving that are rocket themed, the question is, even though the colors don't match EXACTLY, do they still go? I need help =)

I love these wall decals from THIS little Etsy shop:

I also love these prints for his wall from another precious Etsy shop:

I love these items from Ikea too.

So, how are my ideas so far? Everything doesn't have to be matchy matchy right? I also want to find a cheap rocking chair to put in there. Maybe one I can paint or recover. A good yard sale find that I can really re-work to make adorable. I'd dye the cushions on Rylie's rocking chair but she still likes to be rocked a little. Oh and I also need a great futon cover because we're putting a futon in his room too (he DOES have the biggest bedroom in the house). What do ya'll think of what I have so far? Any ideas or suggestions? I need help.

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  1. I love everything you've put together so far. As far as futon covers go...Target, Amazon and Overstock all have lots of options.