Monday, March 21, 2011

Rylie vs. The Water Sprinkler

How's it going?  I'm a cute BeeBoo!  Also I am the 
best little sleeper there ever was!!

Morning!  How was your weekend?  We had a low key weekend here.  Friday night we had dinner with my sister Amy and her family.  I'd had a contractor in my house for 2 days, so for me, cooking anything was impossible. Amy is such a wonderful cook and it's so nice when someone else cooks a homemade meal for you to enjoy!  Saturday was low key as well.  Jason and I did some housework and then Jason went to work for 1/2 day.  We like when the Daddy is home on the weekends but sometimes he just has to work.  Rylie and Rowan and I watched a few episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba and I thought this picture was so cute.

Snacking and watching tv together. Oh the fun they'll have together
in the years to come =)

Sunday evening Amy, Elliot and my Mom joined us for a walk to the park and then some hamburgers for dinner.  I love having my family here for dinner.  The boys played on the floor side by side (they don't really get playing with eachother yet) and we spent as much time as we could outside.  After dinner Jason turned the water sprinkler on and before we could stop her, Rylie ran straight for the water.  This was Rylie's first experience with the water sprinkler and we just had to let her play.  She had NO fear and ran straight for the water, gasping and grinning the whole time it would fall on her.

Run run run from the "rain"

 Face the water and scream with joy!!

Take a spill on the wet grass and  never miss a beat.

Sit under the water and enjoy the view  =)

The water sprinkler made this girl happy and exhausted!

I hope ya'll had a great weekend!  We have a fun week ahead to look forward to.  My Uncle Mark will be in town (my Uncle Mike is already here) and we are planning at least one family dinner to visit together.  I love being around my family, especially my Uncles.  They tell the MOST fantastic stories and they remind me so much of my Pop.  It makes me miss Pop so much but I feel happy that my Uncle Mark and Uncle Mike remind me of how wonderful he was.  We also have a play date on Tuesday which is exciting!  I love coffee time with my favorite ladies, and our kiddos have fun too =)  Have a great Monday ya'll!


  1. Your little girl looks so happy! What a sweet smile!

  2. Thanks! She's my sunshine =)

  3. And your family loves spending time with you too! :)

  4. SO FUN!!! That is so funny that she ran straight for it! I just love capturing first experiences :)