Monday, March 14, 2011

One Fun Weekend

Good morning!  I think it's safe to say that the DST time change is kicking my booty.  My busy weekend isn't really helping on meeting my sleep quota either, but the fun I had was worth it the lack of sleep that I experienced!
Rylie's favorite part of the weekend  =)

On Friday Amy, Kathlyn and I (and Rowan) headed up to Atlanta for a meeting (for her), some fun browsing the mall and meeting The Pioneer Woman at a book signing.  I was a bit nervous about how Rowan would do on the drive up and I don't know why, he slept the entire drive.  After Kathyln's meeting we headed over to Borders and had an hour or so to kill until they started giving out book signing writstbands so we  walked across the street to a place called Tw!st.  We were excited to see their huge tapas menu so we each ordered something and decided to share.  Here is a pic of our dishes.

Our selections from left to right: Crispy  Duck Confit with Warm German Style Fingerling Potato Salad, Queso Fresco with Chorizo, Roasted Poblano & Fried Flour Tortillas, Grilled Pork Ribs with Balsamic Glaze & Jalepeno Slaw

They were all SO delicious and plenty of food for all 3 of us!  Rowan was such a sweetheart!  He just chilled out in his Baby Bjorn or in my lap while we ate.

My sampling plate and Rowan and I at Tw!st

We walked back over to Borders, grabbed our wristbands and were informed that we were in group D.  Yep, we'd gotten there about 30 minutes after they started handing them out and were already in the 4th group!  People are serious about meeting Ree Drummond, that's for sure!  We stashed our wristbands in the car for safe keeping and headed back to the mall.  Immediately we found Starbucks and were delighted to discover that this weekend you could get a free mini-treat with the purchase of a coffee!  We each got Birthday Cake Pops and 2 mini Red Velvet Whoopie Pies to share.  Heaven!  I do have to say that I'm more of a cake pop girl. It was like cake and icing all rolled together and dipped in chocolate.  How can you go wrong there?

Shopping, coffee and cake pops, what more could we ask for?

After our little snack we headed off to browse the mall.  We stopped in Teavana (which was amazing) and Vera Bradley and even drooled over kitchen supplies in Williams Sonoma.  In the far back of the shop I found a kitchen supply I HAD to have, but I'll get to that later.  Around 4:30 or so we headed back to Borders and WOW was it busy already.  Women everywhere with Ree's books and many of them wearing her favorite boots too!  When Ree speaks (about something she loves) women listen apparently!  I love that so many women read her blog and her books because I think she's such genuine person and a real trail blazer as far as women bloggers go!  After drinking even more coffee, she finally arrived and when she let us know that her husband (who she calls Marlboro Man) and boys were there, the poor man got swarmed by women wielding cameras and books for him to sign.  I think his big cowboy had was like a magnet!

Marlboro Man and their boys before they got swarmed.

Here we are waiting in line. We had so much fun chatting while we waited.

Rowan...passed out. This is how he was ALL day  =)

Finally after all the waiting and lines we made it up to Ree.  We tried to think of something clever to say and never came up with anything so we just made small talk.  Ree was SO gracious and charming.  She even told me twice how beautiful Rowan was!  Everyone knows that The Pioneer Woman loves babies!  
Yay!  We finally meet!

I could not have had a better day, and Rowan was amazingly easy.  We got home late and then I chatted with Jason until late.  Since Rowan had been asleep all day he woke up nearly every hour that night.  Great!  He loves to travel, but he slept the entire day and was awake all night.  So Saturday was a fog.  We did some cleaning and organizing and then on Sunday morning I finally made use of what I'd found at Williams Sonoma.

Star Wars pancake molds!!

When I saw these I knew I had to have them!  I'm sure I'll use them for years to come.  Hopefully Rowan and Rylie will like Star Wars as much as their Daddy does.  Sunday morning we were a bit out of sorts because of the time change so around 10am I made pancakes with these.  They weren't perfect at ALL, but good for my first attempt.

So that was our fun filled weekend.  How was yours?  You know, after all this talk about blogging (because Ree Drummond started out as just a regular "mommy blogger" it got me thinking, what are some of YOUR favorite blogs?  I'm always looking for new ones to follow!  Hope ya'll had a great weekend!


  1. I can always count on you to post about the food!! :) Looks delicious and I'm so jealous of all the mall browsing you got to do together!! You know our little mall is so pitiful!

    And those pancake molds are so perfect for yall!!! I laughed out loud when I got to that part! We have some farm animal ones that I keep forgetting about! So glad you had a fun weekend friend!

  2. Girl you know I love food pictures! LOL. And I know you would love this mall, girl, it had valet, you know in case we needed someone else to get our car after we got too tired shopping at Versace and Gucci =)

  3. Loved you blog and the pics were awesome! Glad you had fun!

  4. Looks like ya'll had a blast! I'm not sure how I found her blog a while ago either, but I had already cooked several of recipes when my sister in-law got me her cookbook for Christmas! I've been dying to try her sticky buns ... they look dangerously delicious :-) PS - I linked you blog to my post today because I'm jealous of your cake pops :-)

  5. @Sarah, girl we have tried the sticky buns! My sister and I made them for Christmas the year before last, they were a HIT! They make quite a bit of cinnamon rolls =) And thanks for the linky, you have to try the cake pops!

  6. I love Twist, excellent choice! And I love the picture of you with TPW, how awesome that must have been! I'm glad that you guys had such a great day, I'm so bummed I couldn't make it to the book signing.