Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just a Day in the Life

Lately the weeks have seemed to go by in a complete blur.  How did I used to have time to count the days until the weekend?  Don't get me wrong, I still love the weekends, but lately it's like I blink and another week goes by.  Tuesday I attempted to take pictures of my day, just a typical Tuesday around here.  Breakfast, play date, lots of coffee, family know, that sort of thing.   I'd love to see a day in YOUR life too.  I think you get to know someone even better when you can identify with them on a basic, everyday level, you know?  So here's my Tuesday!

  • Around 6:00 I started my day by feeding this boy.  He's been doing one middle of the night feeding and one early morning feeding lately.  The time change has worked in his favor.  He usually takes this bottle and goes right back to sleep, YAY!

  • After that I had coffee with Jason and then he got ready and went to work. When he got in the shower, Oliver and I got back into bed for 20 minutes.  I believe Foster (the cat) also joined us).

  • After Jason left I had the breakfast of champions (ha ha). More coffee and a PB&J (hey, it was natural pb, low sugar jelly and whole wheat bread).  I watched DVR'd Bethenny Ever After while I ate breakfast and then jumped in the shower and got dressed.
  • After I got ready I fed this boy and got Rylie dressed.  I try to make her eat breakfast but she really is not a breakfast eater. She's more of a brunch girl.  It was pouring rain, thankfully it let up a bit and I loaded us up and we headed over to Amy's for a play date with Amy, Elliot, Erin and Kendal.
  • On the way to Amy's we listened to the Glee Soundtrack Volume 4. I happen to love the Glee soundtracks ya'll and I'm not afraid to admit it  =)  It was cheerful music on a dreary and wet day.
  • At Amy's house Rylie got to play with Kendal and I think she had a blast!  Kendal is 11 months older than her and it was so cute to see Rylie trying to help Kendal build a lego tower and Kendal spin Rylie around in Uncle Matt's computer chair.  She had a blast and I had fun chatting with Amy and Erin.
  • As soon as we got home I had to eat (it was nearly 1:30) so I had a salad and a little flatbread pizza.  YUM. Again, not really healthfood, but not too bad either.
  • I strapped this little boy on and got down to cleaning up around here.  Every single day I make the beds, sweep, pick up around here and do the dishes.  If I'm lucky I also do a load or two of laundry.  Wow. That's just basic upkeep around this house!  I didn't take pictures of chores...all of you Mom's know, they aren't cute, but they ARE neccessary.
  • I settled Rowan down for a nap and went to read to Rylie.  After we read about 10 books I put her in bed with her juice and a stack of books for her to read.  This usually keeps her happy for 90 minutes or so and it gives me sanity.
  • After the kids were in bed I settled in for my three C's. Coffee, computer time and cuddling with Ollie. I love this time of day.  I can take a deep breath.  Catch up on my google reader (or blog) and renew myself for the 2nd half of the day.  Of course 10 minutes into this, Rowan woke up.  Oh well.  It was fun while it lasted.
  • I forgot to get pictures of family dinner but it was great.  It doesn't matter what we eat or where, I love my family!  The showcase of this dinner was dessert anyways.  Amy made this  beautiful (and delicious) Chocolate Chip Walnut Pie.  BEST part of dinner (besides the company of course).  
  • The past few days, as soon as dinner is over we head outside until it's bath time for the kids.  Rylie LOVES it outside.  On this day she had a blast with her Daddy =)

  • Ollie wanted to come outside too but each of us had a on this night he had to watch.  He's still adorable.
  • When I made Rylie come in she cried and cried.  Poor girl, she could live outside and be happy.  Snuggling in bed with her brother made her happy though!
  • Next up was bath time for the kids.  I always bathe Rowan first and then I either hand him off to Jason and then bathe Rylie or I take him and Jason bathes Rylie.  Good to know we've already found our groove as far as bedtime routine with the kids goes.
  • I know this is Jason's favorite part of the day.  No matter what's going on I make sure he gets to do this.  Last night alone he read her 12 books at bedtime while I put Rowan down.  I'm so happy they love doing this together.
  • After some cleaning up around here I hopped in bed with my laptop (and Jason with his) and we did this until  bedtime.  Sometimes we watch tv and sometimes we decompress on our computers.  We don't care as long as the time is spent together!
SO...maybe busy, maybe mundane, but that's a typical Tuesday here.  Hope you enjoyed.  Today we're headed off to drop Rowan off at Nana's and then take Rylie to speech at 9:30.  It feels impossible to get us there on time but somehow we always make it.  I hope you have a great day!  What does a typical day look like for you??

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