Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Madness!

So last week I posted about getting back in the groove of my healthy lifestyle.  A lifestyle that got a little off track when I got married, had a baby, spent a year trying to figure it all out, getting healthy again and immediately getting pregnant (cue the double stuff oreos...yum).  Last week I told ya'll that I was starting slowly with my goals to be HEALTHY.  Not go all calorie crazy or workout 6 days a week, but simple, achievable goals.  Well I did great last week!  I drank tons of water, I planned (and got in) my workouts and long walks lugging the kids around the block and I made better food choices.

Long walks are fun because this girl LOVES her wagon...definitely some weight resistance for me!

I got up my nerve to step on the scale yesterday morning to see if my work had made a difference and the batteries were dead.  I'm taking that as a sign to wait another week (plus I have to re-charge the batteries).  Today I realized that one of the bloggers I read, Brittney from Running In High Heels, is doing a March Madness: Let's Get Fit Together link up and I'm all in.  Who doesn't need more motivation when trying to get back on track?  This challenge will include a post today introducing myself (if you don't already know me) and explaining our goals.  So who wants to join me?

HI!  This is me...and my darling girl.

So, if you don't know me, HI, I'm April. Mama to two adorable kids (seriously, just look at them).  Rylie is 2 and Rowan is almost 8 weeks old.  I'm trying to find balance  in life with two young kids, a delicious and wonderful husband, great family and friends and a healthy lifestyle.  It's not easy!  I'm not interested in getting fit if it includes anything drastic or anything that I can't do for the rest of my life (like diet pills, extreme workout plans, counting every calorie or microwave calorie portioned meals that come in a box).  It may take longer to reach my weight goal by doing it that way but I'm willing to just go slow and steady.  I know what it's like to white-knuckle a fitness program, lose a ton of weight and not be able to keep up the pace for the rest of my life...and I'm not willing to go back down that road.

Here are my goals for this month.  I'm making these achievable but folks, it's still SO hard to even get these in, so please...check in with me to make sure I'm up and at em'.

  1. Drink 8 cups of water a day or more.
  2. 3 structured workouts a week plus 1 or more long walks lugging the kids.  Extra workouts when I have the time are highly encouraged. Doesn't it feel GOOD to sweat it out?
  3. Making healthier food choices.  This includes cutting out the fried foods (easy one for me), upping the fruit and veggie intake, making the healthiest choice possible when we're out to eat and trying to eat less processed foods.
So that's it!  I'll check in next week and see how it's going.  Obviously I'd like to see the scale move down too, summer IS approaching soon, but reinstating healthy, life long habits is what is key to me.  So join me in March Madness and link up if you want!  Let's do this  =)


  1. I like your post better! I forgot to write about myself...the baby was crying in the middle of his nap and I was sitting in front of the monitor blogging/watching...bad combo! Also- when I entered my link I put: Amy @Loving this Live...instead of Amy @Lovin' This Life. And then it wouldn't let me change it! Haha. Oh well. Mommy- brain anyone?

  2. Well I just put April instead of @ my blog. Oh well. It's there and my goals are out there just begging me to reach all of them...b/c we totally can =)

  3. Love your blogs and you both are an inspiration to me. And my favorite pic of you ever is the one of you and Rylie both wearing your glasses. It's SO SO SO adorable! Okay...let me go get my water bottle. *sigh*