Thursday, December 30, 2010

Post-Christmas Post

Hello lovlies!  How was your Christmas?  Mine was wonderful...despite the fact that Jason, Rylie and I were all sick...we had such a great time.  We had several gatherings with family and friends and then on Christmas morning everyone came over here to watch Rylie open her gifts from Santa.  I got SO many nice presents from everyone (and so did Rylie and Rowan). I must have been insanely good this year!  My most used gift so far is my new Kindle.  My husband is SO thoughtful! He even pre-loaded my Kindle with the second book in the Big Stone Gap series.  I finished the 2nd book in 4 days and immediately bought the 3rd book, straight to my Kindle.  You've got to love technology  =)  I cannot even run through the list of fantastic gifts I got, but I want for nothing! That is for sure. Here are some pictures from our Christmas festivities!

Cute little monogrammed onsies for our boys!!

 Rylie on Christmas morning!  Lovin' her toys!

Coloring with Mimi and Mamaw on Christmas morning.

My darling little nephew, Elliot's first Christmas morning.

By the time Monday was here we had all of the decorations down and in the basement.  I love Christmas but it felt SO refreshing to get this house clean!  Today I am 37 weeks 3 days pregnant.  I had Rylie at 39 weeks exactly and I'm feeling like this baby is not trying to break her record at ALL.  I've spent this week cleaning up, organizing a few areas of the house and making sure I have all of the new baby essentials I need.  My hope is that if I'm ready...he'll show a timely manner  =)  I don't think that's how it works, but I can try.  Today I have my weekly NST (non-stress test) and then an ultrasound to check his weight and fluid (amniotic fluid) and then an OB visit, not with my primary doctor but with the doctor that actually delivered Rylie, so we'll see how it all goes.  Please remind me...a watched belly never that the old saying?

I'm hoping to have time to write a New Year's post.  This has been such a busy and amazing year.  I have so many hopes and so many question marks when it comes to 2011.  There are definitely some amazing things to come!

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