Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Busy Day + It's the Simple Things!

Hi! It's Wednesday!  This week is flying by so fast.  This morning after I got Rylie to school I met up with Jessi for coffee.  I just love her because being friends with her is SO easy.  We never run out of things to talk about!  They're going to Texas for two weeks for Christmas and I'll definitely miss her!  Then Amy and Elliot showed up and we met up with Kathlyn and Caleb.  I just love making friends from the blogs I read and love and we always have SO much fun with Kathlyn!  The rest of my morning/afternoon was a blur of activity. Now Rylie is asleep and I can blog  =)   So, onto some cute pictures!

The morning after Rowan's shower I started unloading all the boxes and bags and throwing out all the tissue paper.  Rylie was in heaven!  She played with, rolled in, slid around in the tissue paper for almost an hour.  If you get her a Christmas gift, put it in a bag please?  She's addicted to tissue paper!  I love this kid!  Have a great day ya'll!

 Tissue paper is fun!

She was even sliding in it, LOL! 

Here, let's stuff it in this diaper pail! 

Ooohhhh, what's in here?


  1. That last one is priceless! She is so precious. I love those pj's!

  2. haha! I love her climbing in the box! I already miss you!

  3. Love the happy faces! Mimi's doll!