Friday, December 3, 2010

Blog Challenge: Day 3

Morning! It's Friday, so TGIF!  We have nothing major planned for this weekend besides actually decorating our tree.  Yesterday I couldn't find the here it still sits.  A nekkid tree....pretty sad.  I'll probably get more Christmas shopping done and possibly wrap a few gifts. Yay! I love Christmas.  So, moving on to Day 3 of my month-long Blog Challenge.  I've thought and thought about this one, here is the topic: Day 3 - Your idea of the perfect first date.
Don't laugh, and don't ask questions...just go with it, but I only had one first date.  I married the man I went on that first date with, so with this question I can only describe how wonderful that night was  =)

Jason and I had known eachother a week or two and hung out a few times casually before he asked me out on an official date.  It was a Friday night and I remember obsessing over which shirt to wear with my new jean skirt.  I finally decided as he pulled in the driveway to pick me up.  I'm pretty sure I introduced him to my Dad (yes, Mama, you were out of town...heck out of STATE when this happened).  He opened my car door and we were off to dinner at Sushiko.  This is one of those places that they cook the food in front of you.  I think it's good first date material because you can talk but you're still entertained (in case of any awkwardness).  We had a great meal and I do remember him giving me his jacket because I was cold (even though it was June).  We debated icecream afterwards but decided on coffee (a mutual love of ours) and went to Books-a-Million. This particular location later became a very frequent spot for us.  We had coffee and chatted and looked at books until the placed closed down (or until my curfew was almost up...yes, even in my mid-20's I had an early curfew).  He drove me home and the rest is history.  

This was a few weeks after our first date.  It was taken at one of
our favorite places, Books-a-Million, the place where we ended our
first date. 

I can say that Jason has always been the most considerate dater.  He never picked me up late, he always (and still does) opened the car door for me and he never took me on awkward dates.  Boys and girls, chivalry is NOT dead.  I think a first date should be old school, no matter what age you are.  Chivalrous, the boy should pay, something light and fun.  Even now, when we get date nights I treasure them.  Any little moment I can steal away with the man I'm crazy about is very special to me...even if it's just a coffee date.  I look back on that first date and still get butterflies because it was really the beginning of our little love story and I thank God for sending me someone that I'm SO excited to spend the rest of my life with.  Thanks for reading my sappy ( and possibly boring) take on dates.  If you're single, enjoy them and have fun!  If you're married (with kids) do the same but treasure them...they're SO important!


  1. April, you two are so good together. You guys just have one of those precious storybook romances, I think. I loved reading this! You're so right about chivalry not being dead. Tyler always opens doors for me, and even stands up when I enter a room. I LOVE it. It says a lot of a person's character.

  2. I loved that post - you are so right - Chivalry is not and will hopefully never be dead!