Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 7

Morning! We're 7 days into my blog challenge and I'm still rolling along.  I view it as a daily blog exercise, like a yoga practice, I think it will help stretch out my writing abilities and just get me in the habit of writing more often. I like it.  I have so much to do here today because we were gone ALL day yesterday to Atlanta, plus my sister is stopping by with my nephew Elliot and I can't wait! I love that baby and I can't wait to see him with Rowan, they'll be a cute pair of boys!  Rylie will be outnumbered but I doubt it will even bother her, she has no interest in tiny, squirmy babies so far  =)  Onto the challenge!

Day 7 - Your dream wedding.

I already had my dream wedding, so I'll just tell you a little about it here.  Jason and I wanted a small wedding. I am not into having 400 people that I barely know watching us in one of our most special and intimate moments of our life.  The venue we chose would only hold about 60-80 people so it was perfect.  Here is the chapel:

Nestled back in the woods it overlooks a lake.

There are beautiful stained glass windows and a stone floor (needed VERY little decoration).

The day went by in a flash but I can tell you that it was beautiful.  Jason and I picked out all the music ourselves.  My Uncle Mike (and Uncle Stan) did the ceremony for us.  My color was PINK because if you know me, you know that's my color.  Our song to leave to was a Nick Drake song, Northern Sky.  It was perfect.  The reception was at the Lodge at Callaway and it was amazing.  A huge brunch with tons of food.  We'd designed the reception tables ourselves and my Mom and Aunts arranged the flowers and our bouquets with beautiful hydrangeas and pink roses.  It all went by in such a blur and I wish I could do it again.  I do know that I would not change a thing.  I only have a few pics on this computer but just know it was a perfect day.  Simple and beautiful.  The best thing was that at the end of the day I drove off on my honeymoon married to my best friend!

Ready to get married!

Saying our vows.

Romantic  =)

Fun at the reception!


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  1. Your wedding was so gorgeous, April! I loved that little chaple in the woods. I wish we had something like that around here!