Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Trip to the Park

His shirt says it all  =)

Morning! It's just another day here at the Griffith household.  Rowan is napping (for now) and Rylie is running around from room to room as usual.  She plays in her room, runs to the kitchen and asks for stickers (she knows they're on top of the fridge), then she'll run into the living room and color at her little table and chairs and run back to her room to read some books.  LOL.  Repeat pretty much all day.  When Rowan's asleep and I'm not cleaning and working on the massive amounts of laundry we make, I go in her room and we play.  She's a huge fan lately of sitting ON you.  For some reason it thrills her soul to climb all over whoever is in her room.  We also read, of course, we read LOTS.  Every single day I'm amazed by how many words, colors, letter and numbers and shapes she recognizes.  Sometimes I ask her to find a word on a page (that honestly I feel sure she doesn't know) and she'll point to it and look at me like "you big dummy", don't YOU know that word too??  Tonight I'm excited because it's family dinner with my little family and Amy and I are cooking together.  Yay. She's my favorite person to cook with.

This weekend was so nice and mild outside.  I think it's just a tease because it's only February 1st, you know it's going to get colder at some point before spring makes it's appearance for good!  We took advantage of it and headed outside on Sunday to take the kids to the park.  We live about a block away from a school (and it's playground), so Amy and I loaded our boys in their carriers and my Mom kept a hand on Rylie as we all walked to the park.  

Wheeee! Swinging is so much fun!!

The boys totally slept through the trip to and from the park.  I know someday soon they'll be wanting to join in on all the fun  =)

The day before we were at the park my Dad came over after dinner just to spend time with Rylie.  This girl loves her Papa!  I think he just wanted her to be able to enjoy the nice weather outside.  They just walked around, played with a huge stick she found, checked out our huge back yard and I'm sure had some good Papa/Rylie conversation.  It was so cute that I had to take some pics of them from my spot inside (feeding the little man).  Aren't they the cutest?

I hope everyone is having a good week!  I'm feeling a mix of complete exhaustion and happiness and total contentment.  Every single day, in the midst of all the laundry, bottles, tears, giggles, stacks of books and buckets of diapers there are moments of pure joy.  I leave you with one from last night.  My amazing husband kissing on his Mini-Me.  Jason continues to amaze me everyday with what a fantastic Dad/Husband he is....and I'm crazy about the mini version of him, Rowan...aren't they adorable together?  have a great Tuesday ya'll!

**Just a note: Depending on your computer size, ect. the formatting of these pics may look off.  I just wanted to make them bigger for your (and my) viewing pleasure.  So just disregard how weird it may look in the template I'm using for my blog and just enjoy the pics.**

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  1. Loved your post...hope your little family starts feeling better soon! Love y'all!