Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Have I Been Up To?

In it's most simple  Another busy week passed by at light speed. Rowan is 5 weeks old and he's becoming more and more awake.  What can I say?  He's been a pretty sleepy baby so far (at least during the day), but this week I've noticed more time awake, much more eyeball time.  Plus he's smiling AT me which is very exciting!
How sweet is this little smile?

I'm still adjusting to having Rylie plus one.  It's not much different...besides the lack of sleep and the acceptance that my house will never be as clean as I'd like for it to be.  No matter how much I clean up, when I sit down to feed Rowan, Rylie will do circles around the house pulling stuff off of the shelves.  Half the time she's just bringing toys or books to me to show me or ask me to play with her...but it creates a trail of junk all around this joint.  Oh well.  Right now I'm blogging with this little guy sitting ON me  =)

This week Rowan has been sleeping pretty well.  He seems to get up about 2 times a night.  As long as he goes right back to sleep we're good...only one night he seemed to want to be wide awake from 2-4.  The best thing is that Jason helps me by always taking the first night feeding.  This simple fact makes him amazing!  I don't feel so dead in the morning if he can do that.  Rylie has been more and more interested in Rowan lately.  Not so much that she tries to pick him up or anything...but I think she knows he's here to stay now.  Monday I even got a few Valentine pics of them.


Sweet pea 

I love her!

I could take a million pics of my kids and it would never be enough. They aren't always the easiest subjects to shoot, but they sure are adorable!  I'm SO excited for Valentine's Day...not because of anything super spectacular but it's a holiday that I simply adore.  My Mom offered to watch the kids for us on Saturday night so we're going to The Black Cow!! I'm so excited.  Everybody I know in town seems to have gone already and RAVES about it.  A real dinner date with my ridiculously handsome husband is more than I could ask I'm a happy girl.

Other than diapers, bottles, books, crayons, Yo Gabba Gabba and stickers (one of Rylie's new favorite things EVER) that's about all that's going on.  I do feel blessed that I made a few friends last year and they do help keep us busy too.  It's nice to know other Mama's close to your age and to get out of the house and just visit.  This week I got some friend time with our sweet friend Kathlyn and her little man Caleb.  We met up for coffee and she gifted us with this adorable shirt she made Rowan and a TOO cute hooded towel (no picture yet) that she made.  This girl is SO creative and tons of fun!

I also can't wait for Sunday, my sweet friend Jessi and her little man Caden are coming for dinner.  Jessi offered to watch our little ones while we went for a Valentine's dinner since her hubby is out of town, but since my Mom also offered we decided we just wanted to visit with them.  What should I cook?  I'm so glad that Jason worked with Jessi before she became a SAHM because she's such a great friend.

So that's about all for us.  Back to the land of reading books, coloring and taking care of my little man.  I hope ya'll have a good weekend, I'm sure we will.  Tomorrow Rylie and I have an appointment for her to see a speech therapist.  The girl can read or recognize well over 100 words but doesn't say that many, so we're going to see if we can get her talking a little more.  Speech therapy can't I'm praying she'll give them the time of day, LOL. She's not too interested in strangers.  Say a prayer for us if you will?

Reading with her Mimi
This girl also LOVES to color!

So what are your plans for Valentine's day?  Or the weekend in general?  I think we'll be adding a walk to the park to our plans as well.  I hear it's supposed to be gorgeous outside.  Also, any dinner ideas? I want to cook something on Sunday night that's kid friendly but also super delicious!  Have a great weekend ya'll!


  1. You MUST get "As Southern As It Gets" Bruschetta at The Black Cow as an appetizer...SOOO good!!

  2. You have been busy!! We have a sitter Saturday night too, so excited for a date and a meal that we can eat at our leisure!!

    This recipe is super tasty and kid friendly. It's one of my favorites. You can pretty much put anything you want in it.

  3. Love the Valentine pics!! Every time I get on here to make a post..the phone rings...
    Enjoy your passes way too quickly..Lisa turns 24 tomorrow and I cannot believe it!!!
    I loved my girls "growing up" days..lots of very happy memories!I think I read ya'll are gonna make home made Valentines...that would be a lotta fun! What does Black Cow serve? I never heard of it. I hope ya'll have a wonderful time!Happy Valentines! Love, Aunt Jennifer