Friday, January 28, 2011

No Clever Title...Just HI

Look at my delicious boy!  3 weeks old!

Hi from the Griffith household!  Sadly it's a bit of a sick house here.  I went to the doctor yesterday to make sure I didn't have the flu (For shame! None of us had flu shots this year will be different).  Thank God I don't have the flu but I do have an awful cold/sinus infection.  I'm doing my best not to give it to anyone but Rylie is coughing/sneezing and Rowan has actually been sneezing a little too.  Boo!  Hopefully we can keep Jason healthy.

This week has been very long. I'm still struggling to find balance and figuring out the logistics of juggling two kids. Jason's boss was wonderful enough to be flexible about when Jason comes into work on Wed/Fri, this means that Jason can now drop Rylie off at preschool twice a week for me. Yay!  Oddly, as happy as this made me, I miss our little time together driving to school, but I'm so glad that Jason and Rylie can use this as Daddy/Rylie time and that I don't have to get out with both kids that early.
More Daddy/Rylie time

Now my issue is how do I get Rylie out of school? She walks but we go across the street to park and so I just carry carrying her and Rowan might present a problem.  Montene was sweet enough to sit with Rowan on Wednesday so that I could run in and get Rylie so I'm hoping we can meet up and do that for awhile.  Another issue I'm trying to figure out is how to sit still and feed Rowan while I hear Rylie doing things like pulling trash out of the trash can, chasing the dog around the house giggling (while he's terrified) or standing on top of her little table and chairs.  LOL. I know she waits until I'm feeding the baby to do these things.

One thing I've learned through this struggle to find balance is that it's ok to ask for help.  Just ask Jason, he'll tell you that I don't ask for help.  I never have (this is NOT a good thing).  I hate asking someone to watch my kids, or pick something up for me, or help me in any way.  I'll accept help...but ASKING, that's another thing.  With two babies I've been forced to ask for help and the results are awesome.  Jason has been a super-star Dad helping me 1/2 the night w/ Rowan and then going to work the next morning.  Amy and my parents have helped me SO much by watching Rylie for me.  I don't know what I'd do without those three...they amaze me.  My Mom is ALWAYS there for me and she has a full time (stressful job). Of course my sweet mother-in-law Zande was amazing when she was here.  I don't even have to ask her to help me, she just knows and she just does.  I'm so blessed to have her in my life.  Even my little (God)sister Julianne has helped out.  I'm learning, ask for help, the worst you'll hear is no.  If people can't help, they'll tell you and it's not a big deal.  It's taken me almost 29 years to learn this lesson folks  =)  Better late than never.
Playing with Papa

I have to admit.  I cannot wait to get back to spending more time with my husband (we are like ships passing in the night).  He takes his shift, I take mine and we spend 30 minutes in the morning having coffee together.  We do make a point to spend time together in the evening, but we're exhausted folks...but I know this too shall pass.  I also cannot wait to start working out again, I just have 3 1/2 weeks left.  I know it'll be SO hard to find time to workout, but it makes me feel good about myself and dangit...I'll make time for it.  Plus I miss time for my crafts and cooking.  I need a creative outlet and getting crafty and cooking up new (and old) recipes is how I get creative.  I keep telling myself that as soon as I get out of newborn survival mode then I'll have time.  Regardless of all that's going on and how fast life seems to be flying by, I have THE best life.  I have 2 really good kids.  Rylie is unreal smart and SO much fun and Rowan is really a good baby ya'll.  He is.  He's a newborn and he requires us in the middle of the night (which is the worst part), but otherwise, he's perfect.  Sweet, low-key, and calm.  I just adore him.  Being the Mama of two is twice as nice and I'm loving it!
Little Mama testing the bottle out on her hand like Mama does.

Have a great weekend ya'll!

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  1. so cute! I love you girl and you're doing a great job!!! I miss you tons!