Friday, February 25, 2011

My Day Friday!

Yay! It's finally Friday.  Actually since I've been staying at home the past 2 years time has FLOWN by.  Sometimes I get to Friday and think...dang...wasn't it JUUUUUST Friday, like yesterday?  Crazy I know, but true.  Today I'm linking up to Kathlyn's link up party featuring us bloggers that are willing to show `2are smiling faces every Friday.  Today I wanted to share this picture.

This is me on our honeymoon in June of 2007.  We honeymooned in Savannah, GA and Wilmington, VA.  This was at a little train museum in Wilmington.  Oh how I wish I could go back to that week and relive it just one more time.  Heck, I'd just like to revisit Wilmington and the adorable little Front Street Inn where we stayed in the Georgia O'Keefe suite.  I think we need a 2nd honeymoon on our 5th anniversary! If you ever go to Wilmington, check out the Front Street Inn.  It's such a great little town to visit!  Very artsy and lots of little shops to visit (also about 30 minutes from the beach!).

I just kicked off my weekend by meeting with some sweet girlfriends for some coffee and catching up (in fact, Kathlyn is one of them).  I think time with your girlfriends is essential to a Mama's sanity! So have a great day and join us at the link up party HERE if you want!  Have a good weekend ya'll!


  1. I love this pic! It sounds like a cool place! Love you!

  2. I've always liked this picture too!

  3. This is such a great picture! Don't you wish you could go on a 2nd honeymoon!!!???
    Thanks for linking up with me :)

  4. Cute pic - looks like you were having fun! I still haven't been to Savannah, soon though! And Wilmington IS such a cute town. I'm from North Carolina and lived about 1.5 hrs from Wilmington but only really went there once. But I loved it! BTW - you DEFINITELY need 2nd honeymoon on your 5th year anniversary vacation, why not?! :-)