Friday, February 18, 2011

To Lighten the Mood I'm Joining the Link up Party!

I love blog link ups!  I've met some seriously fantastic friends through blogging and one thing is true.  We often hide behind our words and pictures of our kids (or crafts, or food that we're cooking).  It's not often that we post a picture of ourselves on our blog.  Most of the pictures I have of myself are done with the iphone, taken by myself.  I'm the photographer in most occasions so I have to photograph myself often if I want a picture to document I'm actually there.  This link up is all about showing off our mugs!

This picture most embodies me for now.  Technically there IS a kid in this pic, but most it's just me.  Rowan is a great baby, really laid back but what can I say? He likes to be near his Mama when he's awake. Most of the time since Rylie is around I need 2 hands to pick up after her or play with her or anything else she needs.  The Baby Bjorn has become my best friend.  This pic was taken on a walk for Rowan's first venture to the neighborhood park.

Join me in the link up party and post a picture of your pretty mug!!  Here is the original post from my friend Kathlyn and the link from my sister Amy's post!


  1. What a great picture of you April! I especially like the little baby head too. :*)

  2. Hi April! I think I recognize you and your twin! I had a jewelry booth set up at Uptown's farmer's market this past summer and I'm pretty sure I saw a pair of twins with gorgeous curly red hair like yours! If it's not you, then ... you both have twins! I stopped by from Kathlyn's blog.

  3. Hi Sarah! I looove Market Days and can't wait for them to start again! Are you going to be there again this year?

  4. Gorgeous picture!!! i am just now getting around to visiting all my link up gals :) Hey, how do you have such cool font on your blog? I love it!

  5. Thanks Kathlyn. You know I'm not sure I could figure out how to change the font back if I wanted to, LOL. I was messing around with the Design area of blogger and BAM different font. Thankfully I like it too b/c it's staying!