Saturday, January 15, 2011

My New Life: Mama of Two

After one week home with our little man I can definitely say that things are changing and we're adjusting.  I don't have a true idea of how this new life as a Mama of two is like until all my help is gone, but I'm getting the hang of it.  Jason and I have been taking shifts with Rowan at night and I can honestly say, after a full week home he has his days and nights mixed up.  I'll admit, I thought Jason just wasn't feeding him enough at night and making him burp, but I was wrong, you could set off a bomb next to him during the day and he's out and at night he's Mr. Personality, and hungry.  Great.  How could you be mad at a face like this though?

His sleepy daytime nature worked in our favor yesterday when we had his newborn pictures taken by Holly Tye . We put him in every kind of position possible for a full two hours and he went along with anything.  I can't wait to see the pictures she captured because they're always amazing.  Rylie would NOT cooperate with her pictures when we did them 2 years ago.  The only one Holly was able to capture w/ her eyes closed was when Rylie blinked in a picture. LOL.  They all turned out amazing but Rylie is bright eyed in each shot  =)

Look how chubby and bright eyed Rylie was for her newborn pics!

I'm learning how different two siblings can be.  I hear this all the time but my two, so far, are night and day.  The only physical feature they seem to share are long limbs and their tiny cleft in their chins (like their Dad, Aunt, and Grandpa all have).  Rylie was a little clone of me, Rowan seems to be a clone of Jason.  Rylie was a piggy of an eater, Rowan has to be tickled, talked to and undressed to get a full bottle in.  Rylie required complete silence to get a full nap in (still does) and Rowan could have a marching band parade through and still sleep through it.  The last one is a doozy though.  Rylie was generally awake during the day and asleep at night, and Rowan has this quite backwards.  I've been doing some research this morning at how to change this, so we'll see if I can start changing it up before my sweet mother-in-law goes home and I have to do most of the nights (and all of the weekdays) all on my own.  

I'm also learning how many dear people in my life I have to be grateful for.  My husband who has been the most amazing help.  He tried with Rylie but was a bit clueless, we both were.  I, admittedly, wanted to take over everything for Rylie to make sure it was going like I wanted it to.  With Rowan I've let go of some of the control and it's so much easier, plus if I ask for help, Jason will always help me.  Its amazing, he is amazing.  My parents are so much help and support I can't even blog about them without getting teary eyed.  I'm 100% sure that they are the most supportive parents on the planet.  If I can grow up to be 1/2 the parents they are I'll be doing good. My sister and brother in law are always there for support too and my sister is always there to share middle of the night tweets with me, which is oddly comforting.  My little sis Julianne comes to play with Rylie and totally helps take stress off of me.  My MIL Zande is now here and she will make this week so much easier I'm sure.  Plus my small but invaluable group of friends that support me with visits, texts, blog comments, Facebook wall posts and tweets...I wouldn't trade my small group of amazing friends for the world.  Big life events have a way of making you take notice of all the good things in life.
Another "good thing in life"? Rowan's best friend and cousin, Elliot. 
 These two are destined to be besties just like their Mama's are!

Well, today we have a party for Rylie!  She turns two tomorrow and I hope to get a chance to blog about her party.  Because we knew Rowan should be here (on Monday actually), we didn't plan a huge deal.  Word of mouth and evites is all I did this year.  A few friends and family, nothing special but it's all about Rylie.  This little girl is the most amazing thing that happened to me.  She makes me happy every single day.  Even on the days when she frustrates me the most, the happy times FAR outweigh the bad.  She still doesn't say much, but this child is the smartest kid and amazes me every day at how many words she can read and recognize.  She is a tiny masterpiece of God's design and I'm so lucky that I get to call her MY daughter.

Rylie excited for her school birthday celebration yesterday.  
Isn't she a doll?

Ok, I'm off to start getting things ready for Rylie's party.  Hopefully my friends and family will come to see us and not the house  =)  Have a great Saturday!

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