Monday, January 3, 2011

Countdown to Rowan

Hi!  I'm 38 weeks today and I can't believe it.  On some days it seems like this pregnancy has flown by and on other it seems like it will never end.  I am equal parts SO ready to not be pregnant anymore and holding my baby and also anxious about lack of sleep, how Rylie will react and just being able to handle it all.  Most of the time I'm just ready to not be pregnant anymore though  =)  I'm sure it's perfectly normal to also feel a bit guilty when I look at Rylie and think how she has NO idea how much her little life is about to change.  Sure, she'll love having a brother someday, but she won't be my one and only concern anymore.  I'll have to share my attention and affection with someone else and that will be a huge change for her.  Thankfully she's not generally super clingy and she is quite wonderful at entertaining herself for long periods of time.  I'm trying to take these last 2 weeks (or less) and soak up every little Mommy/Rylie moment I can because time flies at light speed now, I cannot imagine how fast it will fly by with 2 kids.  I've loved having her as my one and only sidekick day by day for almost 2 years, now the two of us get to take a new adventure together...Rowan!  I cannot believe how blessed I am to be a stay-at-home Mama and not miss one single moment with them because boy is it ever going by FAST.  

Thank you Rylie for teaching me SO much over the past 23 1/2 months.  You've taught me what it is to be selfless and to love someone more than I ever imagined possible.  You've taught me patience and how to act completely silly and ridiculous just to get one smile from you.  Every single day of my life is happy because YOU are  in it.  I love you my little sunshine!

And now for an update on Rowan's room.  It's really coming along.  I love it because it's SO different from Rylie's ultra girly room.  

Of course we went with the Space Ship theme!  This meant that I added (or let Jason add) touches of Star Wars and Star Trek (only original Star Trek folks).  
Since Rowan's room is the biggest room we put the futon in there in case we need to sleep on it or our guests can.  I like it and so does Rylie (and the animals), they think it's their couch.  I love the ABC and number picture prints we got from Etsy and the "Rocket Man" painting from a local craft show. Oh and that's the consignment store bookshelf I mod-podged a few months ago!

I didn't want to buy another changing table so we just got a white dresser and I had Jason spray paint the knobs w/ a $1 can of spray paint. Gotta love spray paint!  The rocker is Rylie's old (pink) rocker that Jason dyed to match Rowan's room!

I love his cozy rocketship bed!!  Now we just need a baby to put in there!

SO, what do you think of Rowan's room?  I hope you enjoyed his room tour and please pray for our little family and the upcoming changes that await us  =)


  1. Diggin' the Star Wars poster!! It's never too early...

  2. I love what you have done. It is just beautiful. Praying for you! Hey while listening to the radio this am they were talking about expectant mothers....wanting to deliver their babies soon... they said eat eggplant parmesan ...who about it, definitely interesting.

  3. AWWW I love it!! I can't wait to see you girl!!

  4. Loved this post...made me Rowan's room!

  5. Thanks ya'll for the sweet comments! I'm glad ya'll like it! Aunt Amy, I wish I liked Eggplant Parmesan...I'd try it at this point though! I'll look into it =) Brookes, I knew you'd appreciate the Star Wars art! Jessi, I can't wait to see you too girl! SO glad you're home! And Mama, I too teared up when I wrote it...I blame it on hormones though =)

  6. Rowan's room is so perfect! I love the Star Wars/Trek touches. PLEASE shoot for the 13th! haha! We need another lucky 13 baby in the fam!

  7. You guys are going to be awesome!! Rylie's going to love Rowan and you're going to be an excellent mom of TWO! Things will definitely change but it's so worth it. Good luck!