Monday, November 22, 2010

This Weekend I Witnessed a Miracle

Hi! I'm an Aunt!  I'm not sure what I want Elliot to call me yet (Amy is Auntie to Rylie), but I do know that I love being an Aunt.  Friday morning Amy was induced and by dinner on Friday I got to lay eyes on my handsome and amazing nephew, Elliot.  Amy did such an amazing job.  Her body seemed to roll right through with labor until the very end (it got a little stubborn...I think Elliot wanted to stay inside...Mama's boy?).  I never knew how hard it would be to see my sister, my twin, in pain.  I remember being in pain with Rylie, waiting on my epidural (which never seems to come just when you're ready) and I had NO idea what was going on around me, only that I was gripping the rails on the bed and in complete shock of how bad this could hurt.   Amy did a great job, no complaining, just asking for a status update on where her epidural was from time to time.  Despite the blood and yuck that goes on with the birth, I never felt sick except during this part, watching my twin, friend, my sister, in so much pain and I could do nothing.  During the pushing process she was a trooper!  Never complained one bit...and Elliot made her work for it.  No whimpering or screaming or angry comments, just work from my sister!  After what seemed like an eternity of pushing little Elliot made his grand debut.

Much to my surprise he has adorable red hair!  Amy and Matt have reddish (strawberry blonde) hair, but not little Elliot, he is a true ginger and it melts my heart everytime I see his little soft head.  I'm so proud of my sister, and I'm proud of how calm and supportive Matt was throughout the whole thing.  Most of all I am SO in love with this baby.  I couldn't love him more than if he was my own.  I cannot wait to have Rowan and watch these two boys grow as cousins and as friends, hopefully Rylie will join in...or maybe just boss them around, you know she IS a princess!  Congrats Amy and Matt, you're going to be amazing parents and I'm so thankful you let me experience his arrival with you.  Now the journey begins!

I love you tiny boy and I'm so blessed to be your Aunt!


  1. He is soooo precious and perfect and tiny and I just want to hold him and kiss those sweet cheeks!

  2. I can't wait to feel what it's like to be an Aunt too! Someday!

  3. What a precious gift from God!