Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Speed of Life

Wow...the speed of life seems to be picking up around here lately.  Since I've had Rylie life seems to fly by anyways but it definitely ebbs and flows.  This week it seems to be flowing.  Amy is less than 2 weeks from a baby which is SO exciting!  I cannot wait until Elliot is here and I know she can't either.  I'm 10 or less weeks until a baby, I say "or less" because Rylie was a week early so you never know what will happen with this little guy.  I had a 29 (almost 30) week 4/D ultrasound done on Friday to get some cute face pictures of the little man and he cooperated pretty well!  How exciting!  I'm sure he'll change plenty more by the time he's fully cooked in 10 or so weeks but for now I totally think he looks like Jason, or definitely more like Jason than Rylie does =)  Here are a few shots we got of him (sorry for the quality, because of our crazy life right now the scanner is down in the basement so these are photos of photos).

The woman that took them also informed me (as you can probably see) that the umbilical cord is up mighty close to his little face and neck.  Sometimes this is a problem and sometimes it's not.  At 30 weeks along it probably comes on and off from that position because there is still some room in there (he's about 3 lbs 5oz now.  As he gets bigger and more wedged into the birth canal this could be a problem so she urged me to call my doctor on Monday just to let them know and to make sure he keeps up his ninja moves.  Sunday I had a panic moment because he just wasn't doing all his Bruce Lee moves as usual and nothing I did (ice water, sugar, moving around, laying still...ect) seemed to help.  He finally gave me a few kicks and I felt better.  My nurse said he should be just fine and that we'd discuss it on Wednesday (today!) at my regular OB checkup.  After discussing it with my doctor today we decided that for now we're staying put.  No NST's twice a week.  There are no signs that Rowan is in distress and he's been moving great the past few days.  He said that I change my mind at any point and have weekly or bi-weekly NST's just to make sure our boy is fine.  Otherwise I'd see him again in 2 weeks (I should have a nephew by then!!).

Rylie is doing really well post surgery.  She acts completely fine but her eyes are still quite red on the outter white portion of her eyes.  Last time it was red on the insides (they operated on the inner muscles last year) but was only red for a week or so.  We're just over  a week post surgery and hers are still quite red but I do think they're improving.  We're really working on wearing her glasses (which should help keep her alignment) but of course she prefers wearing the ones with the old prescription, so it looks like we'll be getting new lenses in those soon. Whatever works, right??  Today was her first day back to preschool and her teachers said she had a fantastic day.  When I got there she didn't even want to go home, she wanted to keep playing!!

Being silly at the bookstore yesterday  =)

Well I hope everyone is having a great week!  I got a few more Christmas gifts today but am SO behind on my Christmas shopping.  Help!!  I have to get a move on.  How is your Christmas shopping going?  Do you shop online mostly or hit the stores?  Please tell me I'm not the only one this behind on shopping!!


  1. He is soooo adorable!! I know you can't wait to kiss those perfect cheeks!

  2. April,

    The pictures of your baby bring tears to my eyes! WOW! Technology is AMAZING. And Rylie is the cutest thing in the world! I am praying for her continued recovery.

    As for the Christmas shopping... Oh boy. I am DEFINITELY not anywhere NEAR done. But I am trying not to feel intimidated because I DO have a plan. I know my budget and I am patiently waiting until the exact date I know the money and the time to go shopping will magically come together! :) We'll be fine... I hope! I'm following FlyLady's Christmas Cruising missions and they help me a lot...

    Hope you are having a WONDERFUL DAY! :)