Sunday, November 14, 2010

Check Out My Pantry Makeover!

Look at this mess!!

My cute little (old) house was blessed with a pretty decent pantry.  It's got several deep shelves and goes floor to ceiling.  The bad thing is that it easily gets filled with so much stuff that we have NO idea what's in there.  I can't tell you how many times I've nearly unloaded the whole pantry just because I was looking for something small like...cinnamon!  After scanning several organizing blogs I decided to just jump in and tackle the pantry.  First I unloaded everything onto my kitchen table.
Wow...that's alot of food!

As I unloaded I tried to organize the food into groups, this was much harder than I thought it would be.  I ended up also throwing a whole pile away and making a pile for the food bank.  Next I cleaned out the shelves and added pretty black and white cushioned liners.
Pretty, right?

Then I started loading the cabinets back up, organizing them in baskets.  Admittedly I this took me a few weeks because I had to go back to Walmart and get extra baskets and a spice rack and Target for another roll of liner.  I also decided to Mod Podge labels onto the baskets.  In my after pictures you'll see them (although they were still drying so I've yet to actually label my baskets).  Here is the grand before and after.
It may be hard to see the before...but it wasn't organized...AT ALL.

I even added a stacking shelf for my canned goods!

So it may not seem like much, but to's quite the accomplishment!  This week I'm going to tackle Rylie's room.  She has tons of toys and books that she no longer plays with (that Rowan will love), so my plan is to purge her toys and reorganize her play area.  Hopefully in the next few weeks we'll have all the elements ready to put Rowan's room together too (it's still a mess).  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Thanks for peeking into my pantry!


  1. It looks awesome! I sure do wish I had a pantry...come organize my cabinets...pleeeease!

  2. Fantastic! My cabinets are calling you....

  3. Love it!! It's beautiful Miss 'Pril!

  4. I am VERY impressed, and so grateful you linked up this week! I am gaga over the labeled baskets also btw! Great job you!