Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Five

Yay! It's the weekend ya'll!  I'm still spending lots of time with Rylie-bug at home this week.  I wanted her to recover at home for a few days before we get out in that cold wind. We definitely do not need to get sick on top of recovery from surgery. Rylie amazes me with her resilience every single day!  Yes her eyes are completely bloodshot and puffy and swollen, but she's her same cheerful self (most of the time).  Thanks for the continued prayers for her recovery!
A day and a half after surgery she's looking pretty darn beautiful!

I think today we'll venture out to Target to get supplies for a full on pantry look out for a before/after post on that (if it goes as planned).  We also have a 4/D photo session today for our precious little Rowan!! I hope his hands are in his face the whole time (or his feet like Rylie's were in her 4/D photos).  Now onto today's post.

Have you ever been to the website ?  It's just a website that provides 5 questions on a theme each week to post onto your blog/journal/FB or whatever you want.  I love stuff like this and so I thought I'd share one (I just picked today's Friday Five questions).

Friday Five: Pack it In

1.  How far ahead do you begin to pack for a weekend trip?

Since I had a baby packing has become a whole new monster.  I used to  still take time and over pack and organize my bag but now it's worse.  For a weekend trip now I'd start my packing list on Thursday and spend Friday getting it all together and organized.  We just went up to Emory over night this week and we had 1 suitcase but about 6 other little bags.  Welcome to motherhood =)

2. What was your most recent purchase of a six-pack?

As far as beer goes? I've never bought any but when I was sick a few weeks ago I ran in Publix and bought a little six pack of mini-Sprite Zero's and they were so good!  They were a few ounces less than a normal can which was perfect since I can never drink a whole can anyways.

3. What do you look for in a good everyday pack pack?

Well the mommy version of a back pack is a diaper bag and in a good diaper bag I look for a little bit of style, lots of pockets and something mid-size that's washable. I just had to pick out a new diaper bag because all of the ones I had for Rylie were super-girly and lately I haven't been using one for her anyways, she generally needs juice a snack and few books (which fit in my purse). All Mama's know, we need lots of pockets!

4. Among people you know, who is the worst pack-rat?

I know several pack-rat's, none that are even close to Hoarders level...but a few that like to keep things "just in case".  My husband is one of them.  Our basement could furnish an entire different house.  He does try to organize it and purge it from time to time, but still...we have SO much down there!

5. How do you know when it's time to pack it in each evening?

Generally we go to bed around 10pm on weeknights.  We'd love to stay up until around 11:30 or so but Rylie goes to bed around 8:30 and on weekday mornings we wake up before we need our sleep.  This little boy in my belly will change all of that in about 10 weeks, but we'll gladly take the change in plans to get our precious boy!

So, what are some of your answers to these questions? Have you ever tried a website like to get your creative blog juices flowing?  Have a great weekend ya'll!  I leave you with this image of Oliver...stick your head under the pillows and relax this weekend!  LOL. I love this dog!


  1. haha I love that picture! That's hilarious. Tyler's dog will actually push back the covers on the bed and put his head on the pillow to sleep. He is soo spoiled.

  2. Haha! Sometimes Oliver will do the same thing. I swear. This dog is rotten! He cannot sit on the couch w/ Jason and I unless he is in between us. Not next to one of us, directly in between us. LOL. I'm such a dog person!