Thursday, August 11, 2011

Photography Challenge Weeks 2 & 3

Hi friends!  I'm back to the Photography Challenge this week with my submissions for the second and third assignments.  I combined this one to save time.  Don't you like how I'm cool like that ;)

This week I happened to capture both in these shots of Rylie on her first day of preschool for 2011.  When she smiles it makes ME smile, and the colors happened to be beautiful and bold!  My Mama got this beautiful handmade dress downtown at the Market Days from a vendor.  I wish that I could sew because I'd make a million of these little dresses!

My girl loves to smell flowers!  

As for school, it went ok.  I left her smiling and arrived to pick her up to her smiling but was informed that there were a fair amount of tears today.  She hasn't been to school in over 2 months, so I expected a report like this, but still never fun to hear.  I hope that Friday goes better, heaven knows she couldn't have looked cuter  =)  Any tips for making the transition back to school easier?

Linking up to this week's challenge HERE!  It's never too late to join the photography challenge with me!


  1. To cute! How sweet is she. Love it!

    Jeanna @

  2. What a fun & BOLD outfit :) Great work. Thanks for linking up!

  3. She's beautiful! School will get easier. She'll find her grove quickly.