Friday, April 1, 2011

It's a Friday Five Post!

Hi friends! It's been another busy week around here.  School, a speech appointment and trying to stay busy indoors (because of all the rain) have kept us going this week.  Oh and I also ran 2 days this week, yay!  I plan to get one weekend run in too, so GO me!  I CANNOT believe that it's April already but I am so thrilled that next week is Spring Break.  That should mean plenty of time hanging out with my Mama and the kiddos.

All the kiddos.  I watched them while Amy ran on the treadmill =)

To kick off a fun weekend here is a Friday Five post.  Don't call LAME on a Friday Five either. I think these are fun, so there. This one is on the topic of "Connections".  Let me know what your answers to these questions are or blog about them on your blog.  Also, don't forget to have a great weekend!

Friday Five: Connections

1. Nowadays, just about everyone knows a couple who first met online. Among couples you know, who has the best story?
Jason and I!  We met on MySpace back in May of 2006.  Well actually we "met" on MySpace before that but we met in person in May.  Jason friended me and told me he was trying to just "meet people in town with common interest" okaaaay.  Then one Sunday afternoon as I pulled into Publix with my Mom and Amy I saw this tall, dark and handsome guy putting his cart away and thought "is that the MySpace guy??? He's WAY cuter in person".  I sent him a message, he gave me a call, we met a week later and the rest is history.  We got married 13 months to the DAY after we met in person.
Jason and I on my 26th birthday

2. Who among your real-life acquaintances might you never have been friends with if you hadn’t gotten to know each other online first?
I'd say Kathlyn.  We did visit her booth down at Market Days on Broadway last summer but I really got to know her by reading her amazing blog.  I'm so glad we got to be "real-life in person" friends.  She so talented and just a fun person to be around, I feel like I've known her for ages.  It's much better to be real friends AND blog friends.
Amy, Kathlyn, Rowan and I at the Pioneer Woman book signing.

3. Of people you know online only, who would you most like to meet in real life?
I'd say the Pioneer Woman but I've already met her =)  Definitely my friend Karen in Atlanta who daily helps me keep my sanity.  Plus she's an awesome Mama and blogger too. Also, Sarah who probably lives down the street from me and is ridiculously talented (Seriously girl, we should do coffee sometime).

4. In the past 365 days, what’s the longest you’ve gone without connecting in any way to the Internet, including email?
I cannot think of the last time I was unconnected.  I tweeted while in labor.  I'd say pre-iPhone.  I'd rather be connected than unconnected, some of you people help me retain my sanity!

See! I took this pic of Jason sleeping while I was in labor. 
I took it to tweet and decided not to. Technology kept my mind busy 
while I labored all night long.

5. Who is the least-connected person you know in real life?
My Mamaw.  No email or texts for her!  She sends good old fashioned hand-written cards, or calls on the phone and believe me, her cards are priceless!
Rylie and my beautiful Mamaw!


  1. Great post!! Love that pic of Mamaw and Rylie (and it makes me think about that condo...which was the BEST one we've ever stayed in!).

  2. What a fun post!
    I feel like I have known you guys forever too :)
    You're right, it is much better to have blog friends that are also your real life friends too...I can keep up with you guys so much better! :)

  3. @ Amy, no kidding! One year ago we were at that awesome condo. Oh how I need a Pensacola getaway.

    @Kathlyn, I agree! Plus you get our silly...which I appreciate. If you can't be a grown up AND silly sometimes, what's fun in that?

  4. Great post! Now I'm considering joining twitter.... it sees like it's just a big ol text fest! Especially since I dont get to meet up with you guys as often as I would like.

  5. I totally just read this post ... I agree, we should definitely get together some time! It is pretty funny we live so close!