Sunday, April 17, 2011

Here We Go

My happy little buddy.

Tomorrow morning we leave for Atlanta.  All weekend I tried to relax until today and I cleaned and packed like crazy.  It's not easy packing for the entire week when I'm not entirely sure what I'll be facing. My friend Karen has filled me in, but I'm notorious for over-packing.

Look! I over-packed and put a kid in there!

I tried to focus all of my attention on relaxing and enjoying my kids and my husband and my family.  I know that my sweet little boy is in God's hands (there is no better place to be). My emotions hit me in giant waves though.  Saturday morning I was rushing around and I got the mail, in there was an envelope full of little prayer slips.  On each one was a handwritten note from people that chose to pray for my sweet Rowan.  Jason's Aunt Pat's church sent it to us.  I opened it and immediately burst into tears, tears of gratitude. What a wonderful thing.  I appreciate every single person praying for my baby and our family.  I really do feel the love surrounding our family.

What a wonderful ministry!

Saturday night we had planned to have a Girl's Night Out to celebrate our 30th birthday with some girlfriends.  It really was the perfect way to get my mind off of the surgery and just relax.  Amy and I met Jessi, Erin and Cherish and The Black Cow and had dinner (I had Shrimp and Grits) and then we went down and had coffee at Fountain City.  Lots of laughing and girl talk.  Perfect.  When I got home my Mom and husband had gotten both kids in bed and asleep, it was a glorious thing.

We had SO much fun!

Today was absolutely crazy busy. I hope I packed everything I need for the week. At this point I'm so tired I just don't care.  Tomorrow Rowan has a pre-op appointment at Scottish Rite and then we're staying with my sweet Aunt Amy and Uncle Stan for the night.  Tuesday morning we have to be at the hospital at 6:15am...whew.  Poor little buddy can't eat past midnight, I'm just praying that goes okay.  I'll keep everyone updated via Twitter (follow me there if you want real-time updates) and if I have time I'll try and update my blog in the hospital.  Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes.  I know my baby will be okay but we have a bit of a journey ahead of us.  Love to all of ya'll.  Now I'll leave ya'll with a few pictures I took of my sweet boy this weekend.  Here we go!

One of the hats we got to cover up all of his stitches while his head heals.

He is SUCH a sweet baby! 

He's winking at the camera =)

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