Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So, I've got a theory....

So. I have a theory. As soon as you become a parent you tap into super powers. Call me crazy if you want. I know we are all human, but I think that to be a parent (a good parent) you have to at least believe you posess magical powers. You can call it confidence, mojo, magic, super strength, whatever, but it helps you get through.

In 2 1/2 weeks we're making the looooooong 9 hour drive to Virginia for Rylie's first visit to what is the closest thing to her Daddy's hometown. Sure, he's lived more places than most Army brats, but Roanoke is probably more home to him than anywhere else. We always go up at this time of year, but it's a hard trip when it's just the two of us. We've debated for a few weeks now if we should go or not. Especially since Rylie barely slept when we went to Florida for 3 days. But I think we should go (and we are). We're parents. We can handle anything, right? Maybe, selfishly I just want to go to Roanoke for the reasons I love it. I love the cool air, the "granola" influence, the best darn coffee on the planet (Mill Mountain). I love that we get to see my Momily-in-law and experience the her amazing cooking. I love the dear friends that I've inherited that we visit while we're there. I love going to the downtown farmers market and going in the the shops downtown. And the food....we don't eat at a single food chain the whole time we're there. So maybe, selfishly, I want to go for me. But I want Rylie, even at 8 months, to experience the things I love about where Jason is from.

So step out of the way Wonder Woman...there is a new super hero in town! Super Eternal Optimist Mama is here to the rescue and will make sure we make this first trek to Roanoke a trip we won't forget (and in a GOOD way). I'll use my weapons of preparation, confidence and patience to save the day when we start getting a little stressed. Hey, I'm a parent, I can handle anything, right?

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