Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Monday

I think Monday's are when I organize my brain. It's like the only moment in the week when I have complete clarity. I can see the week ahead like it a beautiful open road. I can plan what I want to do, I make lists and plans. Usually by Wednesday my list is crap, my plans have changed and that pretty open road is full of caution signs and speed bumps. But Monday...well it's clear, cool and calm.

I think instead of planning my week, I'll just plan my day. Have a cup of coffee and decide what's important and what can wait. This morning I'm looking at the calendar and I can't believe that we'll be headed to Virginia next week. WHOA. But I'm too excited/nervous/anxious/happy about that to think about it this week. Besides my normal cleaning up around here, laundry, dishes and working out schedule. I think this week I'll focus on my closet and Rylie's closet. Rylie has TONS of clothes but many in her closet will no longer fit. Which is sad to me. She's not like me and can hold onto them in hopes of fitting into them again. Nope, she'll NEVER fit into that precious little sundress she wore this spring, or that darling little bathing suit, or that teeny tiny pink striped sweater she wore on her first doctor's visit. It's just insane. I'm another story alltogether. I looooooove my pregnancy clothes. I worked so I had to have decent maternity clothes, so I have a ton. Long sleeved, casual, dressy, jeans, goes on. But I can't wear those now (obviously). And what I'm left with are my pre-pregnancy clothes. Everything that is fall/winter clothes seems like a joke. No one told me that my boobs would get bigger and stay bigger...even though I didn't nurse. So all the tops are ill fitting. And the pants. Ohhhh...the pants. I am the same weight I was before Rylie but my hips...they're not. Ugh. Will they ever be? Who knows? OK, this is depressing. Oh...and b/c I'm A.D.D. Regis and Kelly are on and WHOA does she have guns. I mean, I like muscule tone on a woman but her arms are bordering on scary.

OK, enough talk...err....type. Time to get off of this computer and start my week. I'm gung ho! Don't get in my way folks!

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