Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekend Countdown

It's Friday! So happy the weekend is here. What have you got planned? We don't have much besides sleeping in and a date on Saturday night thanks to my little sis Julianne. No clue what we are doing Saturday evening, but I can't wait for time alone with the most handsome man in the world :)

I thought I'd kick off the weekend with a little countdown. I see these posts on some of my favorite blogs and had to join in. So here we go! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...weekend!

5 Pictures I Took This Week

Just having a little fun at Hobby Lobby with my girl.

My cute little baby boy.

You've got to love technology.  Rylie thinks MY ipad is her new toy.

When I vacuum Rowan pulls out his baseball bat and vacuums the rug too.

Every week after speech we go to Starbucks and get Rylie a cake
pop if she does well.  It is the highlight of her week.  Just look at
the excitement! I think she believes it an edible wand.

4 Observations From Bootcamp Week One

1. Planks are no joke. I'm not kidding. There are a million different variations and they are so good for your core. I did a few Straight Arm Planks with Leg Lifts on Monday and my abs were feeling it the next day. Try doing some of THESE planks today.

2. Stretching will have to be a must everyday. I have been loving the awesome variety in the bootcamp workouts, but every single muscle in my body is sore and tight. Stretching makes my muscles happy. I always forget to stretch until I'm so sore I can't walk. Must remember to stretch. For good stretches check out THIS link. I bookmarked it!

3. Strength is in numbers. I check the Facebook Best Body Bootcamp page several times a day for tips, awesome discussion and motivation. These ladies are like me, small kids, busy lives, sleep deprived, and we are all rocking the bootcamp one day at a time! It's a wonderful thing!

4.  Thank God I workout at home.  If people were to see attempting to stay balanced while doing a split squat or bear crawling across my floor I'm sure they would get the laugh of their week in.  In other news, my looser jeans will probably thank me for those moves in a few weeks.

3 Blog Posts You Should Check Out!

1. Let's Be Honest
Love this post from my dear friend Jessi.  I was amen-ing her all the way through this post.  Let's get real ladies and gents.  It's not all roses, even if my blog (and others) may have you believe otherwise.  Honesty for the win.

2. Snickerdoodle Cake Batter Blondies
WILL happen in the near future.  I even have all the ingredients in my pantry. I just need an occasion in which I can have one and give the rest away.  Gracie always posts THE most amazing sweets recipes, plus she lives in NYC and I like to live vicariously through her on occasion.

3. 3 Steps to Committing to Your Workout Time
I loved this post about committing to a workout time because honestly it's something I struggle with.  Balance is SO hard to achieve for me.

2 Current Faves

1. Essie Turquoise and Caicos Nail Polish

This stuff reminds me of spring and I can't get enough of it. I picked some up at Target last night and rushed home to paint my toes and fingers. Instant spring-tastic fun!

2. Ken Burns: Jazz

This is a documentary that ran on PBS about jazz.  There are 19 hours of it available on Netflix and Jason and I have been making our way through it in the little pockets of time we have to spare.  I started watching it with Jason because I knew he'd like it, but honestly, I have SO enjoyed it!  Right now I can't stop listening to Louis Armstrong on Spotify.  How amazing is this song???

1 Thing I'm Looking Forward To This Weekend

1. A date night with my best friend!  Happiness!

Old pic, but one of my favorites.  This man is perfect for me!


  1. Love this blog. Especially all your pics. The kiddos are so super cute, and I'm buying that polish!

    1. Thanks! Cute kids run in our family, right? And I love this polish too. Rylie loves it as well. I think I'll be painting her toes turquoise tomorrow.

  2. Thanks friend! And I want that nail polish ASAP!!!

    1. You're very welcome! It was a great post :)

  3. I'm loving bootcamp and your observations are great. The FB group is so much fun and I know I needed more accountability so I'm glad I made the decision to join the bootcamp and Tina's personal training.

    Have a super fun date with hubby!

    And I love that polish, so pretty.

    1. Thanks Angie! The FB page is so much fun. Just as soon as I have a bootcamp question I hop on there and someone else has asked the same thing. I'm still amazed that I did every single workout this week. Yay for us!

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