Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Good morning! I'm so glad it's Wednesday, it's all downhill towards the weekend from here, right? This week has been great so far! Jason's birthday was on Monday (more on that in a bit), and I have been rocking the bootcamp workouts. I must say, I'm insanely sore. Not sore like I injured myself sore. Sore like I've only been running lately and haven't done any strength workouts in months sore. Today will be another full body weights workout + a little cardio. I'm thinking 20 min of tae-bo might be fun. What's your favorite kind of non- running cardio?  I'm a huge tae-bo fan from WAY back in the day.

So, Sunday night we got together for Jason's birthday and by his request I made a Chocolate Cherry cake. I used THIS recipe that I pinned on Pinterest. So easy and so yummy. I also found a guitar shaped cake pan at Hobby Lobby that turned out awesome! I'm no cake decorator, so I just slathered the cake down with dark chocolate ganache and sprinkles and called it a day.

Jason is the only one in our family that likes the chocolate/cherry combo but everyone else tried the cake (and ate around the cherries) and agreed that it was delicious.  My Mom also got a "regular" cake and for dinner we got Jason's favorite, take out from our favorite local restaurant, Thai House.

Besides a few jazz cd's and some guitar strings, I made Jason this super cute Daddy Star Wars kit from the kids.  I found the printables online for free HERE.  He loved it, as expected.  Plus I added a cool Star Wars shirt in there for him.  It was a great time.  I am SO blessed to call him my husband and my best friend!

Jason said his heart was so full on Sunday night because everyone made him feel so special!  I'm so thankful for my wonderful family, they make these occasions a million times for fun.

Elliot and Rowan wrestling with Papa.

Sooooooo cute!!

Rylie loved reading all of Jason's birthday cards with Mimi!

Ok, I'm off to get breakfast ready for the babies.  I hope ya'll have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. I love doing kick at the gym for cardio! Did it today and it's like a complete body workout with cardio. :) But I am trying to start running outside now.