Tuesday, February 7, 2012

7 Things - What Have I Been Up To?

Hi friends! I know it's been awhile since I blogged and I miss it!  Instead of a lengthy post on what we've been up to I thought a I'd post a fun 7 things blog to get back into the swing of things.  I hope to be back to posting regularly, finally!

7 Things - What I've Been Up To

1. We moved!
We didn't move out of state or out of city, but we moved across town and we LOVE our house.  More room, an awesome neighborhood and a great school (in walking distance) and we were sold!  Moving to this house meant that Jason got his own office and I got a playroom for the kids.  Every single day we've been here we both say "I love this house".
The new place we call home.

2. Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas was a BLUR.
I love holidays with 2 little kids but wow they went by SO fast this year, especially since we moved the week after Thanksgiving.  I'm really looking forward to Valentine's Day and a HUGE National Holiday coming up a month from yesterday, my handsome husband turns the big 4-0! Here are a few pics of holiday blur.

 At the pumpkin patch with the family

Trick or treating with Wonder Woman and Superman
 Rylie and Mimi on Thanksgiving

Jason and Rowan on Thanksgiving

 Rylie telling Santa what she wanted for Christmas (a baseball and baseball bat).

Christmas morning madness

3. Downton Abbey
I kept hearing about this cool show on PBS via Twitter and I just was not interested.  One day I was scanning Netflix and saw it and thought I'd give it a whirl.  SOLD. Jason and I (and his Mama while she was here) have devoured this show. If you're not watching this show I seriously suggest you check it out, and while you're at it have some tea and a biscuit (we do when we watch the show).

4. Getting in a workout groove.
Moving and Christmas totally messed up the workout groove I was in. Once one week, 4 times the next week, it's NOT cutting it for me.  This week I planned my workouts on the calendar, made Jason aware of it (he's the most awesome support ever) and yesterday morning I actually got up and workout after a cup of coffee.  The added pressure of know I'm going to run the ZOOMA 5k in April kicks my booty to make sure I get my weekly schedule runs in too.  So now, who else wants to run the 5k with Amy and I?? You know you want to!
My thoughts exactly.

5. Planning and executing a Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday for the kids.
Here is where I thank Pinterest for all of the amazing ideas I got for Rylie and Rowan's birthday party. We had SO much fun with our friends and family too, and that was the BEST part. Excuse all the pics I post about this one. I was quite proud of some of my crafted decorations =)
 How is he one already?

 Antennas for the kids (or adults) to wear.

 Favor bags!

 Awesome cupcakes and smash cake!

 Hungry Caterpillar food for our guests.

 Banner of the food the caterpillar ate on Saturday (that gave him a tummy ache).

 My 3 year old!

My Aunt Pam, Rowan and Mimi under the lantern caterpillar.

6. Jason and I said Peace Out to certain foods.
On a whim Jason and I decided to give up beef, pork and chicken and we haven't missed it yet!  We've been talking about this for years and just finally gave away all the meat products and we feel great!  For now we're still eating fish a few times a week but I think it's so much fun planning vegetarian menus.  I keep waiting to miss hamburgers but for now I just don't. If you have any favorite vegetarian recipes send them our way!

7. Missing my blog
Life has been so busy.  Rowan is walking all over the place and WOW are boys different than girls.  He is a lover (cuddly and kissy) but he is SO busy. Rylie no longer takes a nap and Rowan is quickly approaching a 1 a day nap schedule, so finding time is difficult but blogging makes me happy.  Even if only for my record and no one reads, this makes me happy so I have to make time for it. So, the bigger question is this, what have YA'LL been up to?

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  1. Great post!! Share your vegetarian meals!! Love you friend!