Thursday, January 21, 2010

Healthy Resolve

So, this year I decided to get healthier. I've done it once before. At age 22 I lost nearly 60 lbs. I was a food nazi. I brought my own food with me when I went to a friends house in case their food wasn't good enough. I worked out 5 days a week. I counted every single calorie and still worried about how "good" I was. I was 117 lbs and still felt fat. It was my life. I went to college and food/working out was my life. No boyfriend, not tons of friends. Then I got a life. I pursued my passion to be a personal chef. I met and married the best man in the whole world. I got a real job. Then I had a baby. Along the way I managed to gain back....lets just say...more than half the weight I lost. 20lbs alone since I got married. Sickening. Not that I didn't know what I was doing. Not that I ate junk all day everyday. Or not workout. I did those things, but I did them w/ half as much effort and w/out really digging in. Well I'm digging in now.

In my efforts I've started working out almost everyday. Not running 5k everyday...but something. Running on our new treadmill every other day and 30-day Shred and Biggest Loser Bootcamp on the other days. I even did an ab workout on my "day off". I'm drinking ALOT of water. I'm keeping an eye on my calories and I'm choosing to eat things like salads, fresh fruit and almonds for snacks and meals instead of Lean Cusines and granola bars all day. Today I'm even planning on making some bread for our family...whole wheat sandwhich bread. Homemade. My efforts are slowly paying off. In the past few days I've already lost a pound. The good thing is that I'm not afraid anymore. Not afraid of the scale. Not afraid that I will be able to eat healthy or cook a healthy meal. I'm not afraid I'll have time to workout. I will. I can. I am. I'm making a conscience effort to put my healthiest foot forward. I'm not counting points or calories. I'm living healthy...and I am loving it.


  1. help me! i need more time in my day please ma''re making me feel like a slacker but i dont know how to fix it!!!
    glad you lost a pound though. yay

  2. Great Job girl!! I love it. I too am trying to not beat myself up over my weight and make smart decisions. I'm eating healthy, and working out. That's all I can do! Consistency is key. It's a word constantly said at our house. CONSISTENCY!!!