Thursday, November 19, 2009


So, Rylie has surgery in less than two weeks and every single day I find myself back at the same place. Google. Each day I come up with new words, catchphrases and medical terms to describe Rylie's condition and each day I'm dismayed at how few results I get. With a condition like infantile esotropia (strabismus) there just isn't enough out there on the internets. I do know that 1% of all healthy, full-term babies born have the condition. Wow...she's in that 1%, that's amazing. I also know that this is likely a condition that will require our careful monitoring for many years. Will she gain binocular vision? Is her eye turning back in? Will it over-correct and turn out? Does she have equal vision in both eyes? I'm so thankful that in every other aspect of her health she is perfect, but I'm coming to terms with the fact that there is no quick fix. I just wish there was online support for parents like me that want to share surgery experiences or vision therapy success. In the meantime I'll continue to visit Google each morning in the hopes that I'll come up with a new search word that will unlock the online community for infantile esotropia and I'll kiss my perfect beautiful baby and in 2 weeks I'll have to put her and my trust in the hands of her surgeon and pray like there is no tomorrow.

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