Monday, May 19, 2014


                                 A happy scene from this weekend.  Water blob break!

Oh this weekend.  It was rough ya'll!  We woke up on Saturday morning thinking we were thrilled Rowan was feeling better only to find out that Rylie had the same virus.  We were home all weekend playing nurse and janitor to a very sick girl.  Sunday I felt bad all day, just worn down and worried I'd get sick.  Thankfully I took it easy on the couch for a few hours solo and it was refreshing.  I'm doing everything I can to continue to stay well and I hope I do.  I'd say I feel 80% we're getting there.  I can't handle the whole house being sick, it puts me on edge.  What about you? What do you do when your kids get sick (go into a panic like me?). Monday and I'm trying to regroup.  This is what is currently on my mind today.


Listening: Dishwasher running, Rylie watching something on the ipad and a kitty meowing.  The kittens want in the office and out and in and out.  It's a fun game (for them).
                                             Hi! Let me in and out and in and out and in and out. Please?

Rylie and I like to spend Rowan's rest time chatting and computing together.  When I'm done on the computer we usually get the markers out and draw. She's an awesome artist.

Eating and drinking: A cup of coffee and a handful of chocolate chips.  Coffee and chocolate are my go-to items when Rowan is down for a rest.  I don't keep large amounts of chocolate in the house because you will find me in the closet finishing them off.  Coffee is a's a food group in this house.

Wearing:  Chambray shirt (Old Navy), black leggings (they're workout pants ya'll), pansy print Toms (a gift from my little sis), and jewelry from the wonderful Hannah Singer. I am not a fashion person.  I dress for comfort and function.  I'd LOVE for some to teach me how to be slightly fashsionable someday.
                                       Hi! I'm the unfashionable!

Feeling:  Hopeful that I won't get sick.  Grateful for my husband, he handled this weekend like a champ. Excited because it's Rylie's last week at school and we will have fun this summer!  Beach week countdown is ON.
                                                She's thinking about the beach!

Weather:  77 degrees and Sunny.  The high on Wednesday is 89.  Lord have mercy.  I've lived here my whole life but I will never be totally prepared for the hot Georgia summers, they are brutal.

Wanting:  All things beach trip related.  New beach toys, extra swim suits for the kids and one for me, at least one pair of shorts (I don't own any), anything related to the beach!  It's been so long since we've been to the beach as a family (we've never actually been as a family of 4), I can't wait!  I'm also currently wanting more time to craft.  When do I do that?

Needing:  A babysitter for Saturday night.  Saturday it will be 8 years since I met Jason in person.  We technically "met" online.  We met in person on May 24th, 2006 and got married June 24th, 2007.  May 24th is often a bigger anniversary for us for some reason.  I had no idea what I was doing but that day that I met him it all changed. We had coffee, laughed, talked and the spark was there.  Anyways, we need a date on Saturday!
                                                      This guy is such a hunk!!

Thinking:  1. Wow, Rylie talks a lot.  2.  How much longer until I get Rowan up.  3. What am I going to get Rylie's teachers for the end of the year? 4. Should we go outside after Rowan's rest?  I am a scatter brain ya'll!

Enjoying:  This clip of Rylie singing the F.U.N. song with her Dad.  She loves to duet with him on their guitars.  I only caught 7 seconds of it because my phone storage is shot, but you can get a taste.  I cannot get enough of her singing lately.

I hope ya'll had a great weekend!  Let's get this week started!  Much love!

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