Friday, May 6, 2011

5 Things: Playing Catch Up

My girl loves flowers!

Yay. I finally made it to the weekend. Some weeks fly by and others seem to drag on SO slow.  We have a fun Mother's Day planned with family and I'm excited to just relax and visit.  I figured it would be easier to catch up if I just had a list.  So here goes, 5 random things just to catch you up on our life!

1. Rowan is healing SO well!

We're almost 3 weeks post op and his head is healing SO wonderfully.  He never experienced any of the sleep problems I worried about (not really) and his 3 incision sites look fantastic.  I put a hat on him sometimes but lately I've forgotten.  I was in Target today...with him on my hip...wondering why the woman at the checkout kept looking at my baby.  LOL. I totally forget he has 3 huge incision lines with stitches.  Ooops.  Sorry folks, if you wonder about it, ask please.  A nice lady at Rylie's school did today and I actually appreciate it!

2. We're joining the YMCA

She's the Y in YMCA =)

The local downtown YMCA is virtually brand new and very affordable for a family membership.  There is no contract, they have brand new equipment, group classes (like body pump and Zumba) and childcare.  I have realized that unless I have childcare I'm probably not going to workout.  Working out just puts me in a better mood, and when Mama's in a good mood, everyone is, right?  I have a date with my sister first thing in the morning at the gym. Whoo hoo.

3. Two kids is 10x harder than one.
Oh, I'm NOT supposed to lick the whisk while helping you cook?

It's our reality.  It may not be that way for some couples, but this is the realization that we've come to.  Neither kid on their own is hard, but together it's really hard.  The past few weeks have been tough for me, I think they're just growing pains.  Rylie has realized Rowan's here for good and Rowan wants to do things but really can't do much yet.  This results in everyone needing my attention all the time.  Plus the house and the dog need my attention too.  This leads to Mama being spread SOOOO thin.  I've read several great blog posts this week about not having to do it all...but wanting to do it all.  It's a struggle I think all of us Mama's face.  How did our Mama's do it with such grace?  Mid week I made a point to adjust my attitude and it all changed.  It doesn't have to ALL get done everyday.  Some days it will all get done, and some days nothing will get done.  I'd rather have my sanity than spotless floors.  I'd rather have happy kids than dinner ready at 6pm.  I'll get the hang of this eventually, I know it.

4. My husband got a new job!
I'm so proud of him!  It's local and it's even closer to our house.  I really think that it's the best decision for our family at the time. I hope he loves what he does at his new job (starting in a few weeks).  He has so much education and experience and I think it's finally paying off for him.  He makes me a proud wife.
Plus he's a great Daddy!

5. I feel SO blessed that this is my 3rd Mother's day (not counting the one where I found out I was pregnant with Rylie).

I love getting Mother's Day gift's from Rylie's school!

As hard as this job is, as much as I want to just run away some days, I LOVE being a Mama.  There is no better job in the entire world than MY job.  I get to teach, love, guide and play with 2 darling kids all day.  I only hope that I do it with an ounce of grace and patience like my Mama did/does. I'm so excited to celebrate Mother's Day with my babies, my husband and my family who is full of fantastic Mama's.  Cheers to all of you wonderful Mama's that read my blog. Ya'll inspire ME!

 I love my babies!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. great post!!! I think you might be doing better than me on blogging lately! Hope you have a fab mother's day weekend!!

  2. Great blog, are doing an awesome job as a Mommy...Happy Mother's Day to my little girl! Love you, Mama

  3. I hear you on trying to get everything done ... must be a theme this week. I too just came to the realization (once again) that it doesn't ALL have to get done at once. Clean one floor at a time ... don't worry about cleaning the ENTIRE house. This "small steps" attitude has helped me accomplish a lot!