Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Fun

Hellooooo =)

Hi there! Long time no blog.  I do not like blogging this seldom but for now it's just going to ebb and flow.  So, how was everyone's Father's Day?  My Dad was in Kansas for a family wedding so I sent him a text and will hopefully catch up with him soon.  He is a super-hard-working Dad. No one will ever convince me that there is a better Daddy than MINE.  Go ahead and try. I won't be persuaded.  He is the best.

This year for Jason's gifts I knew that Rylie couldn't help me pick his gifts out but she did help decorate the wrapping paper.  Here she is decorating the paper.  Maybe the In N Out hat makes her feel creative?  LOL.

She also helped create a picture for Jason, she just didn't know that she did.  I went through my phone and found every single pic I have in the past few months of Jason with the kids.  Wow. I had quite a bit.  Jason is SUCH a fantastic Daddy.  He is so involved and loves our kids so much.  My heart is happy when I see him with the kids and I feel very fortunate that he not only CAN spend time with them, he WANTS to.  Here is his picture gift, an 8x10 collage print.  We found a frame for it later.

I also made a little craft for Jason's card.  I can't wait until Rylie is old enough to help me with this type of thing.  I made dynamite from red tissue paper and Rolo's candy, tied it together, and made a little card that said "Daddy, You're the BOMB".

Seriously, how cute is this?

Here are Jason's gifts all wrapped up in the paper that Rylie decorated.  I think he had a fun day.  We went out and did some shopping as a family, I cooked a yummy dinner and we enjoyed some sinfully delicious gelato we picked up from Fresh Market.

This week we don't have much planned.  I am trying to get a handle on my health and fitness lately though. I started another food journal and have planned my workouts for the week.  I used to be fat, then I was I'm in between but I'd like to lose about 15 or 20 lbs and just tone up.  I've been trying to take a few habits from when I was so skinny and weed out the unhealthy habits like negative self talk and obsession over calories like I did when I was skinny.  Those are SUCH bad habits and very destructive.  A good habit for me is a food journal though. I like to see when my hungriest times are or where I can improve.  It makes me accountable without being obsessive.  I'm REALLY enjoying my gym though.  Julianne and I tried RPM (spinning) which I love and tonight we're doing Turbo Kick (kickboxing). I think group exercise is just what I need to get me motivated.  

SO, what is YOUR favorite workout?  And time of day to workout?  Right now I'm loving 6am workouts. I'm always stoked to be done by 7am!  Have a good Monday ya'll!

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